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Are Housewives Prone To Trigger Finger? Avoid Getting Your Fingers “Stuck”.

The symptom is that the finger is stuck and can be painful and tight, and once you try to straighten your fingers, you will hear sound of a snap, and feel a sharp pain.View Profile >>
beacon-hyperactivity-attention-deficit disorder- children-may-be-linked-chronic-snoring

Hyperactivity & Attention Deficit Disorder In Children May Be Linked To Chronic Snoring

Snoring can lead to forgetfulness, fatigue, lack of concentration, and lack of energy in adults. It can even induce high blood pressure, heart disease, arrhythmia, myocardial infarction, and stroke.View Profile >>

National Thrive Week 2022 Spotlights Malaysians With Advanced And Metastatic Cancer

Activities will be jointly organised by BCWA, LCNM, NCSM and Pfizer Malaysia, to raise awareness of advanced and metastatic cancer, in-conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Lung Cancer Awareness Month in October and November respectively.View Profile >>

Beacon Hospital: Gifting Affordable and Benign Cancer Care

The key services in Beacon Hospital are delivering cutting-edge radiotherapy and offering the latest technology in cancer care which is only available in key major teaching hospitals in Europe and the US. View Profile >>

LCNM Takes on Early Lung Cancer Detection With Qure.AI

Lung Cancer Network Malaysia (LCNM) and AstraZeneca launched another strategic collaboration to broaden access to lung cancer diagnosis utilising advanced technologies. They are introducing the Free Lung Cancer Screening Campaign.View Profile >>
Healthcare Partners Collaborate To Broaden Access To Lung Cancer Diagnosis With Artificial Intelligence Technology

Healthcare Partners Collaborate To Broaden Access To Lung Cancer Diagnosis With Artificial Intelligence Technology

Lung cancer is the second most common cancer and the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in Malaysian men. Beacon Hospital has partnered with LCNM to provide free lung cancer screening to Malaysians and further broaden the public’s access to cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) screening technology ( Profile >>

11% of Patients With BRCA Mutation Have Ovarian Cancer

Carriers of BRCA 1 or 2 mutations have a 65% chance of developing breast cancer by age 70. As for ovarian cancer, 40% of BRCA1 mutation carriers develop ovarian cancer at age 70, compared to 15% for BRCA2.View Profile >>

Blood Transfusions: Do We Need It?

Transfusion seems to be the immediate and “easiest” solution to treat patients with anaemia, thrombocytopenia, and prolonged coagulation profile. However, by giving patients blood products, are we helping them or are we doing more harm?View Profile >>

When Science and Health Come Together

New technologies make it easier for people to embrace a healthier lifestyle, leading to acceptance and the awareness of their importance by the mainstream medicine field. This highlights the importance of a new, more holistic, model of healthcare.View Profile >>

Getting To The Gut Of The Matter

It’s been said that the gut is the body’s second brain, and having an unhealthy gut can have a negative impact on the rest of your body. To understand why this occurs, it is necessary to first understand how a healthy gut should function.View Profile >>

Debunking The Myth That Lung Is A Death Sentence

Advances in science and technology have led to more options for extending the lives of those stricken with lung cancer, although patients in the later stages of lung cancer often assume they only have about six months to live.View Profile >>

Fighting the Myths of Lung Cancer

According to co-founder of the NGO Lung Cancer Network Malaysia (LCNM) Dr Tho Lye Mun, lung cancer is the second most common cancer among men in the country after colon cancer, and third most common among both men and women. Click here for more information!View Profile >>

Shoulder Pain is not Necessarily Frozen Shoulder

As we begin to step into our thirties, our tendons and ligaments will gradually start to lose their elasticity. We might not care about it in our daily lives, but repeating the same movements every day can cause tendons to tear easily. Click here for more information!View Profile >>

Having Trouble Clearing Your Throat – Throat Reflux Can Lead to Oesophageal Cancer

Stomach acid invades the oesophagus and causes throat reflux, causing swelling and inflammation of the throat. Once the cells in the oesophagus become diseased, Barrett's oesophagus can be induced. People with Barrett’s oesophagus have a 10% chance of developing oesophageal cancer, so throat reflux is the cause of oesophageal cancer.View Profile >>

Genetic Testing Helps Impact Cancer Risk

Genetic testing can be done either through blood or saliva tests to determine either an individual will be at risk of being a carrier of hereditary cancer. Before undergoing the test, the individual should consult with a genetic counselor first for views and advice. Learn more now!View Profile >>

Unhealthy Lifestyle, Infrequent Check-Ups, Higher Health Risk for Men!

Prostate cancer grows at a slower rate. If there are no obvious symptoms, men also need to pay more attention, including regular screening, to detect any signs of tumour growth early, and to start treatment as soon as possible.View Profile >>

Sports Injuries, Poor Posture and People with Herniated Disc Getting Younger

Patients with lower back pain were elderly, and the reason was mostly related to body degeneration, but today's patients are mostly young people, mostly sports injuries and accumulated injuries due to poor posture in daily life. Learn more now!View Profile >>

With Medical Advancements, Our Thinking Should Also Evolve

With early cancer screening and detection, you will be able to start your fight with cancer on a better foot. Your chance of better treatment success and recovery boils down to whether your cancer is detected EARLY.View Profile >>

How Genetic Counselling Can Help Cancer Patients In Navigating Concerns

One of the ways in which we can fight this silent killer is through genetic testing and genetic counselling, a process that identifies changes in an individual's genes. This in turn can predict any medical condition that may have genetic roots. It is usually done on asymptomatic individuals to spot potential risks for some diseases or specific genetic traits.View Profile >>

Postmenopausal Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis refers to a skeletal condition in which a person develops low bone mass leading to fragile bones. This increases the risk of fragility fractures, impacting their independence, quality of life, and even survival. While osteoporosis can affect any bone, the ones in the wrist, hip and spine are most likely to be fractured.View Profile >>

Beating Poliomyelitis with Resilience & Determination

Palliative medicine was a perfect vocation and attraction for Dr Felicia as it encompasses holistic, comprehensive, and individualized approach to patient care. She is passionate about palliative care and believes it is a basic human right.View Profile >>

Consolidating Cancer Care Into A One Stop Centre

Cancer patients are often left scrambling on their journey as there are so many aspects of care and management to be tackled. A one-stop cancer centre can help ease some of the difficulties of the cancer journey.View Profile >>

Managing Advanced Breast Cancer In Young Women

Breast cancer remains the second leading cause of death in women worldwide. The focus has always been on prevention, survival and cure of this disease. However, metastatic or advanced breast cancer, the most severe stage of the disease, is incurable, which means such patients are often left out of the conversation.View Profile >>

Late Cancer Diagnosis During Pandemic May Cut Survival, Increase Treatment Cost: Experts

Article Summary: CodeBlue – 30 August 2021 Late Cancer Diagnosis During Pandemic May Cut Survival, Increase Treatment Cost: Experts Dr Tho Lye Mun Late diagnosis of lung cancer due to the Covid-19 epidemic will eventually lead to a reduction in survival years, productivity, and higher treatment cost, experts said. They also noted that the real […]View Profile >>

Providing Hope for Cancer Patients

Article Summary: Calibre – September 2021 When Covid-19 swept across the world, like everyone else, Dr Junie Khoo, an oncologist at Beacon Hospital, found her whole work life tipped upside down. Face masks, temperature checking, and all the usual precautions soon became the new normal. Dr Khoo spends lots of her time presenting patients with […]View Profile >>

Embrace Diversity, Empower Her

Every 15 seconds, somewhere in the world, a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. In the month of October, IOC centres across Asia are uniting to inspire and honour women who are touched by this disease: patients, loved ones and caregivers. With your support, we can show every woman that her life is important. We […]View Profile >>

Love is What You Need

Article Summary:  TheEdge – Published 6 May 2021 The last 1 ½ years have been very challenging as the Covid-19 pandemic has upended the concept of business as usual for most entrepreneurs. Mary Chen, Beacon Hospital executive director, believes that crises will come and go, but what ensures the long-term survival of a business is […]View Profile >>

How much do we know about Thalassaemia?

Thalassaemia is an inherited blood disorder in which the body makes an unusual form of haemoglobin. Thalassaemia results in an excessive decrease of red blood cells. Individuals with thalassaemia are not able to produce enough haemoglobin, which causes severe anaemia. Find out more about thalassaemia!View Profile >>

How Stereotactic Radiosurgery Improves Patient Outcomes

Article Summary: CodeBlue – Published 6 May 2021 Beacon Hospital’s Varian TrueBeam Radiosurgery with HyperArc system enables eradication or inactivation of tumor lesions with minimal damage to surrounding tissue. The TrueBeam Radiosurgery with HyperArc system is a radiotherapy machine using advanced stereotactic technology that delivers a much faster and more accurate radiation dose, as compared […]View Profile >>

Clarification Notice: Beacon Hospital’s CSR Cataract Program (CCP)

  Urgent Notice There is currently a viral WhatsApp message going around mentioning that Beacon Hospital is giving out free cataract surgery for patients with household income less than RM5k per month and that the offer is valid until the end of August. Beacon Hospital hereby wishes to clarify that this was a programme held […]View Profile >>

Beacon Hospital: Young People Unaware Of The Need For Insurance

Beacon Hospital Malaysia’s Consultant Clinical Oncologist and invited panelist for Axios International’s virtual webinar, Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim has highlighted doctors are not the only one who needs to educate patients on the importance of insurance, but it is equally the insurance players’ responsibility to educate patients.View Profile >>

Cancer Won’t Wait: Beacon Hospital Encourages Early Cancer Detection and Treatment

Aiming to raise awareness of the importance of early detection and cancer treatment during the Covid-19 pandemic, Beacon Hospital has embarked on the aptly named campaign “Cancer Won’t Wait”.View Profile >>

Cancer Won’t Wait, Early Treatment Can Save Lives

In order to raise awareness on the importance of early detection and cancer treatment especially during the Covid-19 outbreak, Beacon Hospital has launched the ‘Cancer Won’t Wait’ campaign.View Profile >>

Beacon Hospital’s Fracture Liaison Service (FLS) Programme

Osteoporosis is the most common chronic bone disease which predisposes an individual to an increased risk of fracture. At least 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men will suffer a fragility fracture in their lifetime due to osteoporosis1,2. Typical osteoporosis fractures occur at: Hip Wrist Upper arm Pelvis Spine Most hip fracture patients […]View Profile >>

Beacon Hospital Accredited for ESMO Designated Centre of Integrated Oncology and Palliative Care for the period of 2021 – 2023

We are glad to announce that Beacon Hospital has been re-accredited for ESMO Designated Centre of Integrated Oncology and Palliative Care for the period of 2021 – 2023.View Profile >>

Pew! Pew! Pew! Die, Lung Cancer,Die!

The field of cancer treatment, especially that of lung cancer, is rapidly evolving. Nowadays, new advances in techniques and medicines are turning lung cancer diagnoses into something less lethal. Dr. Anand Sachithanandan, a consultant cardiothoracic surgeon and Dr. Tho Lye Mun, our consultant clinical oncologist at Beacon Hospital, discuss the advent of personalized medicine and what it means for the future of lung cancer treatment.View Profile >>

Losing Millions Doesn’t Stop Beacon Hospital From Treating Cancer

For some private hospitals, running at a loss may be expected. But for Beacon Hospital, it lost over RM100 million to provide affordable cancer treatment. This is because the hospital, according to its executive director, Mary Chen, wants to provide health care access, particularly cancer treatment, to all Malaysians — especially those who can’t afford it.View Profile >>

Mary Chen built a cancer hospital to give poor patients same chance at treatment

Patients who have asked Mary Chen what she does at Beacon Hospital often do a double take when they find out that she is the founder. But the homely association is not surprising as those warded at the cancer specialist hospital would have met executive director Chen as she goes on her daily rounds after office hours, to chat with and comfort patients, often lending them a shoulder to cry on, as she empathizes with the patients.View Profile >>

“Persistence” that created a Miracle – Hope for End Stage Lung Cancer

Huang Shi Ping is diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, which the cancer cells have spread to the lymph, bones and neck. The ordinary people might think that stage 4 cancer is an incurable disease and there is no need to go to treatment. They rather save money and spend on travelling to enjoy the last part of their journey. However, Huang Shi Ping insists on taking this anti-cancer career and struggles with the disease regardless.View Profile >>

Lung Cancer Network Malaysia Unites Specialists / Professionals to Declare War on Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is often mistaken as a smoker’s disease, so many non-smokers take it lightly and mistakenly believe that they are not at risk. These wrong concepts about lung cancer need to be corrected to recognize its true severity. The best way to spread this knowledge is by educating the patients, caregivers and medical professionals about lung cancer. View Profile >>

Harapan baru pesakit kanser paru-paru

Koh yang berusia 79 tahun, disahkan menghidap kanser paru-paru tahap empat pada tahun 2017. Namun begitu, Koh menerimanya dengan tenang sambil berusaha mendapatkan rawatan pakar. Dia ingin membuktikan anggapan kanser adalah penamat kehidupan adalah tidak tepat. Dia pernah disahkan menghidap kanser payudara tahap satu pada tahun 2000 namun oleh kerana rawatan awal dilakukan membuatkan sel kanser tidak cepat merebak dan pulih sepenuhnya.View Profile >>

Announcement: Social Media Category Winners for The Amazing Scavenger Hunt 2019

Thank you to everyone who participated in The Amazing Scavenger Hunt 2019! We are pleased to announce the winners under social media (bonus prizes) category. The winners are as follows: The Most Creative Selfie (Individual) – Prize: RM 300 Winner: Lizawati Binti Bakri (190 Likes) in Facebook The Most Creative Wefie (Group) – Prize: RM […]View Profile >>

PressReader – Connecting People Through News

Breast cancer has claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of women worldwide in their lifetime. See Bee Lin and Khalinda Jaafar, both were cancer survivors proved themselves that cancer is not the end of their career. One taught to never give up and it is never too late to try. Another taught to face […]View Profile >>

IBS diet sheet | Healthy Eating and the Low FODMAP Diet | Patient

Feeling bloated? Constipated? Pain in the abdominal? Frequent diarrhoea? Irritable Bowel Syndrome or also known as IBS, is such a mess to deal with. While with IBS, it is important that we take a good care of ourselves both physically and internally. Here are some useful health tips and tricks on how to overcome or […]View Profile >>


  膝盖关节痛,吃药不好,做手术又怕怕,该怎么办才好?我们请骨外科医生拿督李润强医生解答。 Interested to know more about knee pain and arthritis? Watch our orthopedic surgeon Dato Dr Lee Joon Kiong’s interview below with Melody FM.View Profile >>

#Live Update – Sapura Energy@Mines

#LiveUpdate The Beacon Hospital team is at Sapura Energy@Mines now providing complimentary bioelectrical impedance analysis, glaucoma screening and vision check to Sapura’s employees. We are also having our Head of Medical Officer of Health Screening, Dr Azlin Julina to give a talk on Silent Killer: Who are they?View Profile >>

Beacon Hospital Treats First Patient in Malaysia on Varian Halcyon System

Being one of the leading cancer specialist hospitals in Malaysia, Beacon Hospital introduced the latest advanced radiotherapy treatment — Halcyon to cancer patients. For more information on Halcyon radiotherapy, please call or Whatsapp  +6018 223 3365. Thanks PR Newswire for this wonderful coverage.View Profile >>

Charitable deeds at Ethnic Rohingya Committee of Arakan (ERCA) Malaysia

Over the last weekend, our Medical Director and Clinical Oncologist, Dato’ Dr. Mohd. Ibrahim led our mobile clinic team to perform charitable deeds at Ethnic Rohingya Committee of Arakan (ERCA) Malaysia. More than 70 underprivileged individuals received the medical aid they need. This meaningful event is in collaboration with MyCARE team.  View Profile >>

Reverse Challenge

In the next 5 years, over 45 million people in Asia will be diagnosed with cancer. 45 million views on day 1 and it wants to lose it all?! Come help out! Watch the world’s first viral video that wants to lose views. Beacon joins Cancer Research Malaysia in #reversingcancer on World Reverse Cancer Day.View Profile >>

Beacon Halcyon Radiotherapy Welfare Fund

Thank you for the lovely coverage from China Press. For more information about Beacon Halcyon Radiotherapy Welfare Fund, please call our Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR Department at: 011-10906588.    View Profile >>

#LiveUpdate Women’s Health Talk at the Head Office of Affin Bank

#LiveUpdate The Beacon Hospital team is at the Head Office of Affin Bank, again. This round we have our consultant gynaecologist, Dr Mathi Arasu to talk about Women’s Health. Thanks everyone for the interactive session.    View Profile >>

Healthy Women, Healthy Families

In conjunction with International Women’s Day, Beacon Hospital conducted a basic health screening activity for KVC corporate employees. Our Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist (O&G), Dr. Mathi Arasu also gave a talk on ‘Healthy Women, Healthy Families’ during the event to increase awareness and educate the ladies on cervix and reproductive health.View Profile >>

Global Mandarin Development Conference Event 2019

It was a meaningful weekend. Beacon hospital gave out a total of RM 1 mil Radiotherapy Welfare Fund to Rotary Club of Kuala Lumpur City Centre during the Global Mandarin Development Conference Event 2019, as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR Programme. Beacon Hospital provides Radiotherapy Welfare Fund for underprivileged cancer patients. For more […]View Profile >>

Understand more about Silent Stroke Attack from Dr Hoo Fan Kee

Understand more about silent stroke attack from Dr Hoo Fan Kee, consultant internal medicine and neurologist. To consult doctor more about this disease, please call 03 – 7787 2999 for appointment booking.  View Profile >>

The First patient in Malaysia on Varian Halcyon System

It has been a historic week for Beacon Hospital. We have treated the first patient in Malaysia on Varian Halcyon System. The patient treated was a 62 year old male diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Beacon International Specialist Centre is the 1st Southeast Asia hospital to introduce Varian Halcyon Radiotherapy to cancer patients. It can be […]View Profile >>

CSR programme at Masjid Al Imam Trimizi

On the 16th of February, a charity clinic in collaboration with KanWork was held at Masjid Al Imam Trimizi as part of Beacon’s CSR programme. Approximately 150 people received free health checkups that were given by doctors from Beacon Hospital. Besides that, a health talk was also given by Dr Azura, our Consultant Medical Oncologist […]View Profile >>

Soda water containing phosphorus affects calcium metabolism and increases the risk of osteoporosis

Soda water containing phosphorus affects calcium metabolism and increases the risk of osteoporosis. It is advisable to replace the soda in the refrigerator to milk. To know more, do read this article, featuring Dato’ Dr. Lee Joon Kiong, our Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon.  View Profile >>

Announcement: Social Media Category Winners for The Amazing Lung Scavenger Hunt 2018

Thank you to everyone who participated in The Amazing Lung Scavenger Hunt 2018! We are pleased to announce the winners under social media category.View Profile >>


究竟是不是每一位糖尿病患者都应该长期打胰岛素或者服药呢? 让宝康医院肠胃内科顾问龙奕裕医生来为你解说吧! 谢谢Ola Media的报道  View Profile >>

The Amazing Lung Scavenger Hunt

Lung cancer is the third most common cancer in Malaysia, accounting for 19.8% of all medically certified cancer mortality in this country. Since most lung cancer patients are diagnosed when they reach an advanced, incurable stage, mortality rates in Malaysia remains high. Over 75% of lung cancer cases are diagnosed at either stage III or […]View Profile >>

Stomach Cancer: What do you need to know?

Most patients with early stage stomach cancers have no symptoms of the disease. As the cancer grows, they might start to get symptoms, and one of the common symptoms is gastric pain – pain in the upper part of the abdomen. The problem is this pain can be easily mistaken for gastritis, also colloquially known […]View Profile >>

不让男医生做子宫颈筛检 害羞惹祸 癌肿确诊已晚期

我国虽是发展中国家,但仍有部分妇女因为缺乏经济能力,没有定时进行子宫颈筛检,以致确诊时已是晚期子宫颈癌,错过了早期发现和治癒的良好机会。 为了减轻癌症病人的经济负担,宝康医院推出病人援助计划(Patient-Assistance Programme, PAP) 为病人提供免费的药剂援助。 欲知更多详情,请拨打03-7787 2999询问。View Profile >>

Beacon Hospital’s Cyberknife Documentary Won Anugerah Kewartawanan Kesihatan Terbaik Televisyen

The “Cancer Treatment”– Cyberknife” programme, which was produced by RTM has recently won the Anugerah Kewartawanan Kesihatan Terbaik Televisyen under the Malay Language category. It has been our honor to collaborate with the production team to be able produce this informative educational video. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate RTM for winning […]View Profile >>

Endoscopic Spine Surgery

宝康医院Beacon Hospital 脑神经外科、脊椎立体定位放射顾问石荣耀(Dr Kevin Sek) 指出椎间盘移除可通过开刀手术或微创手术进行,开刀手术则是最简单容易的方法,也是外科最常执行的手术,因为切开身体部位后,任何问题都可以在眼底下看得一清二楚。 以椎间盘手术为例,只要切开肌肉,取出一些骨骼并移走椎间盘,让神经线不再受到压迫即可。 内视镜椎间盘手术则有些不同,是一种倾向于技术性的微创手术,比开刀手术有更多的好处。欲询问更多关于椎间盘手术咨询,请拨打03-7787 2999预约医生。 ”Back View Profile >>

Caring for the Elderly Men: Complimentary PSA Screening + Blood Test Campaign

Last month, Beacon Hospital gave away 200 Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) tests to elderly men who were 55 years old and above. In collaboration with Sin Chew Daily, this joined effort was mainly to raise awareness on the importance of having an annual PSA test for early detection. In general, the prostate is part of the […]View Profile >>

Lung Cancer Seminar

The National Cancer Society Malaysia (NSCM) organized a lung cancer seminar on Nov 18 whereby Dr. Arkonam Balasubramaniam Manivannan was invited as guest speaker and shared his experience on the Management of Lung Cancer. Dr. Mani is a consultant oncologist with 30 years experience under his belt. Beacon Hospital would like to thank NCSM for […]View Profile >>

宝康医院继发性骨折协调服务(Fracture Liaison Services)

骨质疏松症是个无声无息的疾病,惟许多人认为骨质疏松症是老化的自然现象,未有正视其严重性。研究证明,患者发生原发性骨折(首次骨折)后,接下来的继发性骨折(第二次骨折)的机会倍增2至5倍。 病患在继发性骨折后,生活素质大受影响,行动不便,需坐轮椅或长期臥床,依赖他人照料生活起居。若连续性骨折,死亡率大为增加,对生命造成威胁。 继发性骨折协调服务(Fracture Liaison Services,简称FLS)的设立,乃为50岁以上,从站立的角度折断骨的脆性骨折病患,提供全面性医疗服务,如骨科及内科、饮食及物理治疗等,避免再度骨折。 欲知更多关于继发性骨折协调服务(Fracture Liaison Services,简称FLS),请点击这。View Profile >>

Protector Charity Night Run

Were you at the Protector Charity Night Run? Held at 1 Utama, Beacon International Specialist Centre is proud to be the medical partner for this charity run. It was truly overwhelming to see such a big crowd running for a good cause – many of which were staff from our hospital! We are thankful for […]View Profile >>

News coverage on Beacon Hospital’s RM2 Million CSR Chemotherapy Welfare Fund

  Beacon Hospital takes the pride of being the first hospital in Malaysia launching RM2 Million CSR Chemotherapy Welfare Fund for breast cancer patients. Once again, we would like to thank members of the media for their beautiful write-ups on the event coverage.  View Profile >>

Sharing of Beacon Hospital’s FLS programme at AFOS Scientific Meeting

Sharing of the Beacon Hospital’s Fracture Liaison Services (FLS) Programme by Dato Dr Lee Joon Kiong, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon during the 5th Scientific Meeting of the Asia Federation Osteoporosis Societies (AFOS). Beacon Hospital takes the pride to be the first hospital in Malaysia and South East Asia to implement Fracture Liaison Service (FLS) programme. To […]View Profile >>

Caring’s Osteoporosis & Pain Management Public Talk

20th October is the World Osteoporosis Day. Upon invitation from Caring Pharmacy, Beacon Hospital’s consultant orthopaedic, Dato Dr Lee Joon Kiong gave a talk on “Brittle Bone, Will I Be Next?”. It was an interactive and interesting session whereby Dr Lee has shared some useful tips on how to take care of your bone health […]View Profile >>

Beacon Hospital’s CSR mobile clinic in action at Dewan MPAJ Tasik Tambahan

Beacon Hospital’s had their charity mobile clinic at Dewan MPAJ Tasik Tambahan. It was the second last charity clinic of year 2017. Our last charity clinic will be held on 4th November at Pangsapuri Baiduri Bandar Tasik Kesuma Beranang. Thank you medical team and all volunteers for their contributions and support.View Profile >>

Beacon Hospital’s Health seminar in Surabaya

This was Beacon Hospital’s first health seminar in Surabaya and we received a very good response from the local people. We would like to thank our speakers Dato Dr Lee Joon Kiong, consultant orthopaedic and Dr. Sivaprakasam Sivalingam, consultant urologist for their insightful talks. Not to forget to the local Chinese paper – Qian Dao […]View Profile >>

Launch of Beacon Hospital’s RM2 Million Chemotherapy Welfare Fund

Beacon Hospital would like to take this opportunity to thank the Guest of Honour, YB Dato Sri Rohani Abdul Karim, Minister of Women, Family and Community Development for officiating the launch of Beacon Hospital’s RM2 Million Chemotherapy Welfare Fund for breast cancer patients. We would also like to thank other distinguished guests, members of the […]View Profile >>

Pharmacotherapy for Osteoporosis and the Role of FLS in Fracture Prevention

Recognizing the importance of providing secondary preventive care to the post-fracture patients, Beacon Hospital takes the pride to be the first hospital in Malaysia and South East Asia to implement Fracture Liaison Service (FLS) programme. Click to listen to the discussion of pharmaco-therapy for osteoporosis and the role of FLS in fracture prevention by Dato […]View Profile >>

Beacon Hospital Receives ESMO Award

Published – October 27, 2017 Beacon Hospital has been accredited by the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) as an ESMO Designated Centre of Integrated Oncology and Palliative Care. We are proud to be one of the first hospital in ASEAN to receive this award!View Profile >>

前列腺癌治疗: 电脑刀

前列腺癌治疗方法有多种,医生会根据病人的年龄、癌症分期及整体健康状况作考虑,制定最合适治疗方案。 近年来兴起的电脑刀技术,用精准的放射线直接打在前列腺肿瘤细胞上,不但可以短时间杀死肿瘤细胞,最重要的是可以避开重要的神经与正常细胞,保护正常组织不受伤害,从而大幅降低手术后所产生的副作用,如造成尿失禁与性功能障碍的机会大大的减少,有的几乎不受影响。 欲知更多关于电脑刀,可拨打03-7620 7979 或 011-3432 1333 或浏览 Profile >>

Five Common Misconceptions About Breast Cancer and Chemotherapy

Five common misconceptions about breast cancer and chemotherapy by Dr Azura, Consultant Medical Oncologist of Beacon Hospital.View Profile >>

Lite FM Radio Interview: Beacon Hospital Chemotherapy Welfare Fund

In conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Dato Dr Mohamed Ibrahim, Consultant Clinical Oncologist & Medical Director of Beacon Hospital was on Lite FM to share about the Beacon Hospital’s RM2 million Breast Cancer Chemotherapy Welfare Fund. To apply for this Chemotherapy Welfare Fund programme, patients can directly enquire at Beacon Hospital or approach any […]View Profile >>

Beacon Hospital’s World Sight Day Event

Thank you for joining us at the World Sight Day Eye Talk organised by Beacon Hospital, in collaboration with Watson and Bausch & Lomb. Your participation has indeed made this event a success.View Profile >>

Beacon Hospital at Pink-wig-athon 2017

Beautiful sea of pink! It’s our pleasure to be one of the sponsors for the 2017 pink wig-a-thon event.View Profile >>

Launch of the Wakaf Selangor Muamalat (WSM) mobile clinic services

Launch of the Wakaf Selangor Muamalat (WSM) mobile clinic services by Sultan of Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah. The mobile clinic service is a collaborative effort between WSM and selected hospitals. Beacon Hospital is proud to be one of the selected hospitals for this meaningful project.View Profile >>

前列腺癌新曙光 放射治疗再创突破

前列腺癌 (Prostate Cancer) 是大马男性第四大杀手。初期的前列腺癌的治愈率高,但一旦病变至转移性去势疗法抵抗性前列腺癌(Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer, mCRPC) 则对所有治疗皆无效。 最新研发的放射性核素镥-177 (Lutetium 177-PSMA)疗法,被视为晚期前列腺癌患者的新曙光。目前,我国是唯一引进并采用这项新治疗的东盟国家,迄今为止,宝康医院 (Beacon Hospital) 是唯一一家私人医院提供此疗法的医院。欲询问更多详情,可拨打03-7787 2999。View Profile >>

Implementation of Picture Archival & Communication System (PACS)

As part of the hospital’s effort to provide a patient-centric environment, kindly be informed that Imaging Department is currently in the process of implementing Picture Archival & Communication System (PACS). Upon implementation, provisioning of patient’s imaging data will be in the form of CD/DVD (Firmless).View Profile >>

Be Breast Beautiful event

Come join us at our Be Breast Beautiful event happening on 7th Oct (Sat) at 3rd Floor Beacon Hospital from 10.30am-2pm. Datuk Dr. Devanand & Dr. Surendranathan will speak about breast reconstruction, if you are interested to join this interesting talk, don’t forget to RSVP at Apart from that, stand a chance to win […]View Profile >>

Beacon Hospital’s CSR Clinic in action

Beacon Hospital’s CSR Clinic in action. Free basic medical treatment and preventative screens were offered to the Rohingya communities who lack access to basic health services. This is a joint-venture effort with IKRAM health and MyCare Selangor.View Profile >>

Beacon Hospital’s CSR mobile clinic in action at Gugusan Dahlia Kota Damansara

September 30, 2017 – Beacon Hospital’s CSR mobile clinic in action at Gugusan Dahlia Kota Damansara.View Profile >>

Caring Diabetes Workshop

Early detection and management is critical to prevent costly complications from diabetes. An interactive sharing session on Diabetic Retinopathy by Dr Ong Chin Tuan, consultant ophthalmologist Beacon Hospital during the Caring Diabetes Workshop.View Profile >>

Focus Point Optometrist Convention (FPOC 2017)

An insightful sharing by Dr Ong Chin Tuan, consultant ophthalmologist Beacon Hospital to the optometrists at Focus Point Optometrist Convention (FPOC 2017). Thank you the invitation Focus Point Vision Care group.View Profile >>

即时追踪 瞄準定位 SBRT给肝癌致命一击

案例: 林先生早前频频发烧头晕,以为是淋雨导致感冒未癒,他在看了普通科医生后,病情仍不见好转。近期,林先生的腹部开始疼痛及肿胀,体重也开始减轻,他对身体的变化感到担忧,进行一系列检验后,惊觉自己患上肝癌。 欲询问更多关于肝癌治疗,可拨打:03-7787 2992或 03-7787 2999  View Profile >>

World Sight Day

Eyes are the window to the soul and they can be the window of our overall health. We should not take it for granted and ignore the warning signs and symptoms when something goes wrong with our eyes. In conjunction with World Sight Day, Beacon Hospital is in collaboration with Watson and Bausch and Lomb […]View Profile >>

高劑量放射縮短療程 SBRT追擊小於6公分腫瘤

案例: 林先生早前频频发烧头晕,以为是淋雨导致感冒未癒,他在看了普通科医生后,病情仍不见好转。近期,林先生的腹部开始疼痛及肿胀,体重也开始减轻,他对身体的变化感到担忧,进行一系列检验后,惊觉自己患上肝癌。 欲询问更多关于肝癌治疗,可拨打:03-7787 2992或 03-7787 2999  View Profile >>

选择面对 而不追究

“在2013年8月,我接受了射波刀(亦称电脑刀,Cyberknife)治疗,移除那3公分的肿瘤。6个月后再度发现1公分的肿瘤,我决定再用电脑刀治疗,至今身体反应良好,暂时没有癌细胞踪迹。”读一读抗癌勇士杨宏安抗癌的故事。 欲了解更多关于电脑刀治疗,可拨打03-7787 2992 询问  View Profile >>

Beacon Health Screening Programme for Madrasah Muiinul Islam Rohingya Students

In collaboration with MyCARE and IKRAMHealth, Beacon Hospital organised a complimentary health screening programme for 120 pax of Madrasah Muiinul Islam Rohingya students, including their parents and teachers. We would like to thank all the volunteers and medical team who were involved in this programme.View Profile >>

Beacon Hospital’s Charity Clinic@Tasik Tambahan, Ampang

It was not a resting weekend for the Beacon Hospital’s Charity Clinic Team. We conducted 2 charity clinics over the weekend at Serdang and Tasik Tambahan, Ampang for the Rohingya refugees and local school kids. Thank you to all the volunteers, medical doctors, dentists, nurses, pharmacists for making the events a success. It would have […]View Profile >>


宝康医院 (Beacon Hospital) 眼科专科顾问王振传医生 (Dr Ong Chin Tuan, Chin Ong)指出传统的青光眼(#glaucoma)治疗方法包括药物治疗、激光治疗和手术。新研究证明,白内障超声乳化晶体摘除术(#phacoemulsification,PHACO)也有助于改善青光眼。  View Profile >>


宝康医院 (Beacon Hospital) 眼科专科顾问王振传医生 (Dr Ong Chin Tuan, Chin Ong)指出传统的青光眼(#glaucoma)治疗方法包括药物治疗、激光治疗和手术。新研究证明,白内障超声乳化晶体摘除术(#phacoemulsification,PHACO)也有助于改善青光眼。  View Profile >>

Beacon Health Screening Programme for Rohingya School Children and Teachers

Health Screening programme for Rohingya school children and teachers at ERCA, Sri Sedang Once again, we would like to thank everyone that volunteered to participate in this meaningful project and make it a success.View Profile >>

Beacon Hospital’s charity clinic@Sungai Sekamat, Kajang

Beacon Hospital’s charity clinic is in action. This round we visited Penempatan Rohingya Sungai Sekamat at Kajang. Approximately 100 Rohingya refugees families have been assessed by the medical team. Free medications have been given to the needy patients. This is a joint-venture effort with Bank Muamalat-Lembaga Zakat Selangor and MyCare.View Profile >>

Kenali Sakit Kepala Anda

Menurut pakar Bedah Saraf Hospital Beacon Dr Chee Chee Pin, kebanyakan orang mengalami sakit kepala sekurang-kurangnya sekali dalam hidup mereka. Namun, ramai tidak menyedari terdapat pelbagai jenis sakit kepala dan pilihan rawatan selain daripada mengambil ubat tahan sakit. Sakit kepala adalah salah satu gejala kanser otak. Oleh it, jangan ambil mudah kehadirannya. Untuk membuat temujanji […]View Profile >>

Let’s Talk About Healthy Living – Moving on with Breast Cancer public seminar

Upon invitation by the Breast Cancer Foundation (formerly known as PRIDE Foundation Malaysia), Beacon Hospital’s Medical Oncologist, Dr Azura Rozila Ahmad delivered an inspiring talk on “ Moving on with Breast Cancer” during the Let’s Talk About Healthy Living – Moving on with Breast Cancer public seminar. We would like to thank all the attendees […]View Profile >>

Beacon’s Charity Clinic @ Bandar Tasik Kesuma, Beranang

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility’s effort, Beacon Hospital in collaboration with bank Muamalat conducted a “Klinik Bergerak” and provided free medical aids to the low income individuals and families from Pangsapuri Baiduri Bandar Tasik Kesuma Beranang. We would like to thank the continued support and contribution given by the doctors and volunteers for […]View Profile >>

Take Care of Your Bones, Prevent Osteoporosis Health Talk

Organized by Beacon Hospital, in collaboration with Sin Chew Media Corporation, Zuellig Pharma, Amgen and Osteoporosis Awareness Society of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, the “Take Care of Your Bones, Prevent Osteoporosis” health talk shared valuable insights and useful tips to 250 audiences. A special thank you to the speaker Dato Dr Lee Joon Kiong, consultant […]View Profile >>

Bone Health Talk@ Sg Ruan

Over the weekend, Beacon Hospital’s consultant orthopaedic and arthroplasty surgeon, Dato Dr Lee Joon Kiong joined the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team to Sg Ruan, Raub and conducted a Bone health talk and free consultation to the local residents. Thanks for the hospitality given by the local residents.View Profile >>


颈椎,胸椎或腰椎问题是现代人的通病。这些问题都不容忽视,应及时就医,以免影响行动。宝康医院神经外科专科李富强医生表示很多病人不知道事态严重。有脊椎间盘的病人应尽速就医,否则随时面临瘫痪危险。 欲询问更多关于背痛咨询,请拨打 +6018 223 3365 预约医生。View Profile >>


您是否知道每3位女性中,就有1人因骨质疏松症造成骨折,而且病例远远超过乳癌及子宫癌患者的总数?宝康医院骨科及创伤外科顾问拿督李润强医生指出,更年期女性因雌性荷尔蒙流失,破骨比建骨细胞更多且快,造成代谢不平衡,因而易导致骨质疏松症。  View Profile >>


您是否知道便秘可能是大肠癌警讯之一? 宝康医院外科医生奥沙玛医生 (Dr Ausama Malik) 表示及早发现及诊断大肠癌,治愈的机会相对提高。我国大肠癌全国性普计划并不普遍。 为了鼓励高风险群进行肠胃筛检,宝康医院推出“肠保安康:大肠筛检计划” (Beacon Hospital’s Endoscopy Community Programme, ECP),提供超过50%补贴的大肠筛检配套。别错过好康头,立即拨打 03-7787 2828询问详情吧!  View Profile >>


大肠癌虽是大马常见癌症, 但确诊时通常已经晚期,这可能与我国没有把大肠筛检查如乳房检查般列入身体检查计划中,所以民众对大肠癌的醒觉意识较低。 为了灌输正确的肠胃知识,提高大众对大肠癌的醒觉并鼓励高风险群进行肠胃筛检,宝康医院推出“肠保安康:大肠筛检计划” (Beacon Hospital’s Endoscopy Community Programme, ECP),提供超过50%补贴的大肠筛检配套。此优惠从即日起,为期3个月,详情请拨打 03-7787 2828 或 03-7620 7979 。  View Profile >>


目前我国的病人都是在大肠癌手术后才做物理治疗或复健 ,忽略了术前治疗的重要性。宝康医院外科医生奥沙玛医生 (Dr Ausama Malik) 指出,病人在手术前做物理治疗, 可为身体“打底”以应付各种治疗,从而提高手术的成功率。 虽然大肠癌有征兆,但是很多时候征兆出现是已晚,因此建议50岁以上人士,在做身体检查时,额外做大肠筛查。宝康医院推出“肠保安康:大肠筛检计划” (Beacon Hospital’s Endoscopy Community Programme, ECP),提供超过50%补贴的大肠筛检配套。更多详情,请拨打 03-7787 2828询问。  View Profile >>

In Sleepless Silence

Understand better about obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) and the ways to treat this problem from Beacon Hospital’s sleep apnoea specialist Dr Raymond Tan Suan-Kuo. If you would like to consult Dr Raymond about this problem, feel free to call or Whatsapp  +6018 223 3365 for appointment.View Profile >>


宝康医院脑脊椎神经外科徐志彬医生 (Dr Chee Chee Pin) 指出头痛很平常 ,但普通头痛和异常症状是两回事。 若持续头痛或反复头痛,别掉以轻心, 须找出原因,因为这可能是脑瘤或脑炎的症兆。View Profile >>

Sakit kepala simptom bukan penyebab

Menurut Pakar Bedah Saraf Hospital Beacon Dr Chee Chee Pin, sakit kepala adalah gejala atau simptom dan bukan penyebab kepada kanser otak, namun jangan ambil mudah kehadirannya. “Ada beberapa sebab sakit kepala boleh terjadi. Sebab biasa sakit kepala adalah migrain, ketegangan, vaskular atau sakit kepala berkelompok, kesan serius tumor otak, darah beku, pendarahan subaraknoid daripada […]View Profile >>

Henti Hadap Gajet

Perunding Neurosugeri Tulang Belakang dan Streotaktik Radiosurgeri Hospital Beacon, Dr Kevin Sek Weng Yew berkata, antara simptom umum sakit belakang ialah sakit, kejang otot, kebas kaki, sakit yang menjalar dari belakang turun ke kaki kiri atau kanan.  View Profile >>


宝康医院 Beacon Hospital 成为首家东盟国家医院引进全新放射性核素镥-177 (177Lu-PSMA)治疗,为晚期前列腺患者带来新曙光。  View Profile >>


问:近期我只要提起左手就非常疼痛,包括肩背两侧,左脚也有麻痹感。照了磁力共振造影(MRI),诊出是椎间盘突出(slipped disc)引致慢性腰腿痛。除了服药,如何治愈?需注意什么? 读一读宝康医院Beacon Hospital 骨科矫形外科与关节置换外科顾问医生拿督李润强医生 Lee Joon Kiong的解答。View Profile >>


阿兹海默症(#Alzheimersdisease)与失智症(#dementia)有什么的差别?有什么筛检可诊断阿兹海默症? 宝康医院Beacon Hospital 脑神经外科、脊椎立体定位放射顾问石荣耀 (Kevin Sek) 指出阿兹海默症普遍分为早期、中期及晚期3阶段,患者将分阶段地失去记忆;孩子平日可观察父母的言行举止,以鉴定是否出现阿兹海默症的疑似症状,因为及早诊断及治疗对延缓病情有很大的帮助。View Profile >>

Beacon Hospital’s Free Transportation for Eye Surgery Patients

Good news! We have extended the validity of the FREE door-to-door transportation service for eye surgery patients. For more information and appointment bookings, please call +6011 3431 8333View Profile >>

Health Screenings In Malaysia

Health screenings play a major role in preventive health care. Find out what it’s like to get one done.View Profile >>

That Gut Feeling

“Your gut processes food and absorbs nutrients, hence what you eat and how you eat is very important. It’s crucial to avoid “gut trouble makers”, in other words, dietary habits which wreak havoc on our gut.” says Gurdip Kaur, Dietetic & Food Services Manager of Beacon Hospital.View Profile >>

Happy Nurses Day 2017

“A Voice To Lead, Achieving The Sustainability Development Goals” An appreciation party for all the nurses to thank them for their dedication, hardwork and support  View Profile >>

Beacon Hospital’s Cancer Patients Wellness & Support Group Event

A big thank you to all the participants who attended the health talk organized by Beacon Hospital’s Cancer Patients Wellness & Support Group. Hope you all enjoyed the group hypnosis and exercise sessions. See you at our next event.View Profile >>

Health Screening Programme @ Immigration Depot Semenyih

Beacon Hospital would like to thank all the volunteers who were involved in the Health Screening Programme held at the Immigration Depot Semenyih. Your contribution has made the event a success. Also, not forgetting our collaboration partners, MyCARE and IKRAMHealth.  View Profile >>

攻读博士学位患癫痫 人生同等精彩

寶康医院(Beacon Hospital) 脑神经外科顾问李富强医生提到,当病患在公共场合癫痫发作时,上前施援的民众,尽量让病患侧躺或脸朝下并转向一边,让口中食物或唾液可以流出来,以维持呼吸道的通畅;如病患发作时为仰卧,病患的舌头和唾液会堵住器官造成窒息或脑缺氧,导致脑受损。欲询问更多关于癫痫症,请联络 +6018 223 3365预约我们的神经外科顾问医生。View Profile >>

Hand Hygiene Dance Competition

Hand hygiene is the single most effective way to prevent the spread of contagious diseases. In conjunction with World Hand Hygiene Day, Beacon Hospital’s Infection Control Unit has organized a hand hygiene dance competition for all staffs to enhance their awareness on the importance of practicing hand hygiene for patient’s safety. Thanks to all staffs […]View Profile >>


癫痫症(#epilepsy),俗称发羊吊,是脑部异常放电所引起的一种病症。 宝康医院(Beacon Hospital) 脑神经外科顾问李富强(Dr Lee Foo Chiang)表示癫痫症可分为两大类,第一类为自发性癫痫症(idiopathic epilepsy),乃是无明显的原因,也没有异常的临床神经症状,于癫痫发作时其脑电波大部份正常,一般上不需要手术治疗,只需服用药物加以控制。另一类为继发性癫痫症(secondary epilepsy),是由脑部结构异常所造成,例如脑瘤、脑血管动静脉畸型、脑中风等。 若您有相关问题,可联络03-7787 2999预约我们的顾问医生咨询。View Profile >>

Beacon Hospital’s Focus Point Eye Care Workshop

Thank you all Focus Point optometrists for taking time to join us at the Eye Care Workshop. We hope you enjoyed the session and gained a deeper insight about the latest updates on the optical procedures which was conducted by our Consultant Ophthalmologist, Oculoplastic and Lacrimal Surgeon, Dr Ong Chin Tuan.  View Profile >>

Beacon Hospital’s A-Look Eye Care Workshop

Beacon Hospital would like to thank all the A-Look opticians and optometrists who attended the Eye Care Workshop conducted by our Consultant Ophthalmologist, Oculoplastic and Lacrimal Surgeon, Dr Ong Chin Tuan. We would like to thank all participants for their active participation throughout the session and we hope everyone benefited from this workshop  View Profile >>


宝康医院耳鼻喉(打鼾及睡眠呼吸中止)专科陈川谷医生指出,睡眠测试是诊断睡眠呼吸中止症的主要检查。睡眠呼吸中止症主要有3大类,分别是阻塞型睡眠呼吸中止,中枢型睡眠呼吸中止及混合型睡眠呼吸中止,其中阻塞型睡眠呼吸中止最常见,有95%患者属于此类型。 若您面对以上问题,可联络 +6018 223 3365预约我们的医生寻求意见。View Profile >>

Towards GP’s Perspective in Primary Care

Beacon Hospital organized a GP symposium “Towards GP’s Perspective in Primary Care” on April 16 (Saturday) at Hilton Hotel, Petaling Jaya. We would like to thank all GPs whom attended this symposium. Your active participation and continued support made this a successful event.  View Profile >>

清醒狀態切腦瘤 減癱瘓失語風險

切除脑瘤手术一般是在全身麻醉的情况下进行,但近年来“清醒开颅手术”(#awakesurgery)广泛应用,其最大优点是让医生在手术期间评价病人的神经功能状态,病人在清醒状态下配合完成神经认知测试,减低瘫痪及失语的风险。 宝康医院脑神经外科顾问徐志彬 (Dr Chee Chee Pin) 清醒开颅手术属大型手术,需经验丰富的医药团队才能完成,麻醉师尤其扮演重要角色,需经过特别培训才能进行此项手术。  View Profile >>

選對時間做子宮頸抹片 月經10至20天驗最準

女性癌症主要有4種,除了乳癌之外,另外3種都是生殖道癌症,分別是子宮頸癌、卵巢癌及子宮內膜癌。這4種癌症都是我國盛行率極高的癌症,令女性防不勝防。 宝康醫院 (Beacon Hospital) 體檢部兼安寧療護住院醫生何慧雯提到,子宮頸癌是女性最常見的生殖道癌症,常發年齡是50歲的中年女性。子宮頸癌最普遍的檢查方法是子宮頸抹片檢查,後者是預防子宮頸癌的有效方法。View Profile >>

Penyebab Pelbagai Penyakit

TIDUR adalah terapi paling mujarab untuk merehatkan minda dan badan selepas seharian memerah keringat. Bagaimanapun, ramai tidak sedar waktu tidur tidak berkualiti boleh menyebabkan pelbagai penyakit seperti angin ahmar, kegagalan jantung, diabetes dan buah pinggang. Pakar Telinga, Hidung dan Tekak (ENT) dan Penyakit Berdengkur dan Sleep Apnea, Hospital Beacon, Dr Raymond Tan Suan-Kuo berkata Obstructive […]View Profile >>


近年来“清醒开颅手术”(Awake Craniotomy)广泛应用,其最大优点是让医生在手术期间可评估病人的神经功能状态,病人在清醒状态下配合完成神经认知测试,就可减低瘫痪及失语的风险。  View Profile >>

經常淚眼汪汪分泌物黏眼 小心鼻淚管阻塞

宝康医院眼科专科兼眼部整形外科顾问王振传医生提醒,人们勿对频密流泪的症状掉以轻心,若是鼻泪管阻塞所致,细菌一再累积在鼻泪管,将引发泪囊炎,严重影响日常生活。  View Profile >>

Free Transportation For Eye Surgery Patients

Free Transportation For Eye Surgery Patients As a patient-centric hospital, we understand the difficulties of driving home after an eye surgery. Hence why, Beacon hospital will be providing FREE transportation for all eye surgery patients. For more information and appointment bookings, please call +6011 3431 8333. Terms and conditions apply.View Profile >>


您是否发现身旁有些人眼睛总是通红且泪汪汪?别以为对方不开心而留下伤心泪,因为这可能是鼻泪管阻塞(Nasolacrimal Duct Obstruction)。宝康医院眼科专科兼眼部整形外科顾问王振传医生表示鼻泪道阻塞可透过手术治疗,包括鼻泪道支架植入术(STENT)及鼻腔泪囊造口术(Dacryocystorhinostomy,简称DCR)。  View Profile >>

Beacon Hospital Chemotherapy Welfare Fund

Beacon Hospital works hand-in-hand with Pink Ribbon Wellness (L) Foundation to provide subsidized treatment to the underprivileged cancer patients who will need radiotherapy (LINAC) or radiosurgery (#Cyberknife) treatment. In addition, Beacon hospital would be launching the Chemotherapy Welfare fund to provide subsidy for chemotherapy treatment and Herceptin.  View Profile >>

Cancer Care and Eye Care Workshop

Beacon Hospital organized an interactive Cancer Care and Eye Care workshop for Caring pharmacists. Our clinical oncologist Dato’ Dr Mohamed Ibrahim and ophthalmologist Dr Ong Chin Tuan shared some useful cancer care and eye care tips with the pharmacist. They were taken for a tour to the #Cyberknife room where our senior radiologist provided them […]View Profile >>

Tabung Kebajikan Kimoterapi Hospital Beacon

Hospital Beacon menyediakan rawatan subsidi kepada pesakit kanser. Antara rawatan subsidi yang disediakan oleh Hospital Beacon termasuk rawatan subsidi untuk rawatan radioterapi (LINAC) dan radiosurgeri (#Cyberknife) melalui Tabung Kebajikan Radioterapi, rawatan kimoterapi dan Herceptin melalui Tabung Kebajikan Kimoterapi dan subsidi perkhidmatan bagi imbasan diagnostik (PET-CT scan).View Profile >>

Notice: Avian Influenza (H5N1)

Notice: Avian Influenza (H5N1) Avian Influenza (H5N1) has been detected among the poultries (chickens, ducks and birds) in the state of Kelantan. The management of Beacon hospital advise all patients and visitors to Beacon Hospital to be aware of this outbreak. If you have flu-like symptoms and any contact with poultry farms, we advise you […]View Profile >>


面对癌症,患者是如何抗癌的呢? 来看看抗癌勇士林华香女士与癌共存之道的心得分享。  View Profile >>


花城的朋友想知道更多正确的护眼知识吗?那就请出席由宝康医院眼眶与眼科整形,泪道系统专科王振传医生(Dr Chin Ong )主讲的“眼睛护理”医学讲座。活动详情如下。入场免费。 现场还有许多好康,包括免费的宝康医院眼镜检查固本,基本验血和癌症标记检验优惠配套等。欲了解更多,请拨打06-763 6710 或 019-6219723。  View Profile >>


都市生活步调紧张,许多人睡不好,失眠比例逐增。宝康医院耳鼻喉外科陈川谷医生 Dr Raymond Tan Suan-Kuo 表示,一般失眠可分成急性失眠(Acute Insomnia)和慢性失眠(Chronic Insomnia)。安眠药只是辅助,不建议长期服用助眠。  View Profile >>


双眼失明是第一型与第二型糖尿病人最为恐惧的一件事。宝康医院眼科专科冯仲贤医生 Kenneth Choong-Sian Fong指出,糖尿病会影响眼睛有两种症状,分别是眼睛会流血及失明。但令人鼓舞的是美国的眼科专家已成功发明一种治疗法,可以使绝大多数糖尿病失明人士,恢复视觉和重现光明。  View Profile >>

Beacon Hospital Blood Donation Drive Event

Beacon Hospital sincerely would want to thank all the blood donors for participating in our blood donation drive event. Your donation made a big difference in the lives of many patients who are in need. We truly appreciate your initiatives to pledge and be a regular blood donor today! Donate blood, save lifes.  View Profile >>


眼睛是人类灵魂之窗,因此我们必须好好爱护自己的眼睛。欲知正确的护眼知识,请出席由宝康医院眼眶与眼科整形,泪道系统专科医生王振传医生主讲的“眼睛护理”医学讲座。 活动详情如上。入场免费。欲了解更多,请拨打03-79600713 或 017-8826271。此活动由宝康医院与八打灵北区福音中心协办。  View Profile >>


为善最乐。 宝康医院与芙蓉管氏内脏及风湿病症专科中心携手合作,在森州设立“放射线福利基金”,提供200万令吉帮助有需要的癌症病患。 欲询问更多关于此基金详情,可联络基金会委员戴桂芳小姐016-201 3514 或前往位于管氏诊所一楼的基金办公室了解更多。View Profile >>

Launch of Petaling Jaya Radiotheraphy Welfare Fund

In its continuing effort to contribute positively to the community it operates in, Beacon Hospital announced its RM1 million Petaling Jaya Radiotherapy Welfare Fund. The announcement was made during the Beacon Hospital Chinese New Year Open House event, which was officiated by YB Dato’ Mohd Azizi Bin Mohd Zain, the Mayor of Petaling Jaya. The […]View Profile >>


宝康医院骨科矫形外科顾问拿督李润强医生(Dato Dr Lee Joon Kiong)在主讲“养好双腿,活过百岁”时说,亚洲人的膝盖关节问题比西方人来得严重,因为亚洲人喜欢蹲、跪、坐矮凳、盘脚。 想知道打太极的下蹲动作会否影响双膝?足浴对长者有帮助吗?View Profile >>

A Visit By Bangladeshi Doctors

As part of our efforts to foster medical health tourism, Beacon Hospital for the second time collaborated with Green Delta Insurance Company Limited (GDIC), one of Bangladesh’s leading private non-life insurance to host 18 Bangladesh delegates for a visit at our hospital. During this event, we had 2 of our consultants who gave a talk […]View Profile >>

Medical Assistance To Rohingya Refugees

Our medical mission team is back in action! Our team of doctors and nurses provided medical assistance to the Rohingya refugees on Jan 14 through a joint venture programme with Rizq Ar Rahman Charity Organization. More than 100 refugees turned up at the mobile clinic session held at a local mosque in Ampang. Adults and […]View Profile >>

Public Talk: Care For Knee Pain

Special thanks given out to our consultant orthopaedic, Dato Dr Lee Joon Kiong for making the “Care For Knee Pain” public talk a fun-filled and informative session, of course not forgetting the audiences who attended and actively participated in the Q&A session, making this a success! We hope everyone enjoyed the sharing session.  View Profile >>

A Beary Beacon Christmas Event

In conjunction with Christmas, Beacon Hospital’s Cancer Patient Wellness & Support Group organized “A Beary Beacon Christmas” event on Dec 21. A Christmas caroling singing was performed by the Hope of Life members around the hospital to bring joy and hope of Christmas to the patients and visitors. In addition, our clinical psychologist, Mr Paul […]View Profile >>

Beacon Fosters Medical Health Travel Via Visit By Bangladeshi Doctors

Beacon Hospital hosted a delegation of 22 senior doctors from Bangladesh.This visit was an initiative of Green Delta Insurance Company Limited (GDIC), one of Bangladesh’s leading private non-life insurance companies part of a familiarization tour to better understand Malaysia’s private healthcare sector. The Bangladesh Government is in the midst of introducing an initiative to provide […]View Profile >>


Sebarang diet yang menjanjikan penurunan berat badan dengan pantas tanpa asas saintifik dipanggil fad diet atau diet sementara.Diet sementara adalah tidak lengkap dan tidak membekalkan banyak nutrien penting yang diperlukan oleh tubuh kita. Kesannya juga adalah singkat dan sukar dikekalkan kerana kebanyakan berat badan yang hilang adalah air. “Kekurangan nutrien juga biasa terjadi dalam kalangan […]View Profile >>

Snoring Problem? 7 Easy Snoring Remedies: How to Stop Snoring

Snoring is a serious business. There are 75% of people who snore have obstructive sleep apnea, which increases the risk of developing heart disease. Use caution before you self-treat with over-the-counter sprays and pills until you’ve checked with your doctors, says Consultant Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) Surgeon, Snoring & Sleep Apnea Specialist, Dr Raymond […]View Profile >>

Glaukoma Buta Senyap: Pelajari Gejalanya

Glaukoma merupakan suatu kondisi yang membuat penderitanya mengalami simptom-simptom masalah penglihatan yang akhirnya membawa kepada penyakit buta. Adalahdipercayai bahawa punca kebanyakan atau semua glaukoma adalah tekanan tinggi dalam mata; dikenali sebagai tekanan intraokular atau singkatannya IOP; sama ada disebabkan oleh produksi cairan mata yang berlebihan, mahupun akibat terhalangnya saluran pembuangan cairan tersebut.   View Profile >>

Kanser Kolorektal Pembunuh Senyap

Kanser kolorektal adalah salah satu penyakit yang digelar pembunuh secara senyap. Ramai yang tidak menyedari bahayanya sehingga simptom muncul. Kebanyakan pesakit kanser kolorektal terutama bahagian usus besar tidak mengalami sebarang simptom pada peringkat awal. Apabila simptom muncul dan berterusan, penyakit tersebut sudah mara ke tahap rawatan menjadi lebih susah. Walaupun bunyinya menakutkan, kanser kolorektal boleh […]View Profile >>

Serangan Tak Kira Usia

Susah bernafas, pernafasan yang tidak selesa atau lebih dikenali sebagai semput sering berlaku apabila menjelang usia emas. Ia masalah biasa yang berlaku dalam kalangan warga emas, namun boleh menyebabkan tekanan dan ketakutan bukan saja kepada pesakit, tetapi penjaga. Menurut Pakar Perubatan Keluarga dan Ketua Pusat Pemeriksaan Kesihatan Hospital Beacon, Dr Raja Ahmad Shaharul Raja Abdul […]View Profile >>

Data Mining Project Collaboration

International Medical University (IMU) and Beacon International Specialist Centre (BISC) collaborate on a data mining project, looking at BISC’s decade-long experience of treating meningiomas with Cyberknife radiotherapy technology.  View Profile >>

Positively Pink: Big or Small Save Them All

It had been an exhilarating day filled with joy and laughter on our Positively Pink Event. Beacon Hospital would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who participated this event. Whether you are an attendee, lecturer, doctor, nurse, consultant, vendor etc., but most importantly, we hoped everyone had enjoyed […]View Profile >>

Beacon Free Cancer Clinic @ Sibu

Yet another milestone for Beacon International Specialist Centre for having a successful heath talk and clinic session held in Sibu on the 23 July 2016. We would like to express our gratitude to all the participants who attended our talk and made possible by Sibu Life Care Society for organising this event! Also thanking Julie’s […]View Profile >>

Beacon Eye Symposium

Special thanks given out to our Ophthalmologists for making the Eye Symposium a fun-filled and informative session, of course not forgetting all our staffs that put in all their efforts in making this a success! We hope everyone enjoyed the sharing session. See you again at our next symposium.  View Profile >>

Medical Aid East Coast Flood Week 1

It is with great sadness to learn that the devastating flood in the East Coast has not only destroyed homes, leaving thousands homeless but has also left many of the victims down with various diseases. Beacon International Specialist Centre has pledged to provide medical treatment to the victims for six consecutive weeks to help alleviate […]View Profile >>

Medical Aid East Coast Flood Week 2

The flood has left many of the villagers traumatised and afraid to leave their homes. When we realised that not many came to our static clinic, we went door-to-door visiting the villagers and treat a total of 450 patients. As we travelled through Kuala Krai, Kg Temangan, Kg Nal and Limau Kasturi at Gua Musang, […]View Profile >>

Medical Aid East Coast Flood Week 3

As we moved deeper into the flood affected areas, we witnessed greater devastation and isolation of the villagers. Our team visited Kampung Serian and Kampung Paloh and treated a total of 309 patients. Our team visited individual homes to carry out health checks and medically treat the villagers.  View Profile >>

World Cancer Day

It’s World Cancer Day! A Day when everyone stands together in the fight against the global cancer epidemic! Let us start the ball rolling with this video dedicated to everyone out there fighting.    View Profile >>

Medical Aid East Coast Flood Week 5

Medical Aid East Coast Flood Week 5 In our 5th week, we travelled to Tumpat and Kg Pasir Kota to provide on-ground medical assistance and door-to-door consultations. More than 200 patients were treated for various diseases such as scabies, fungal infections and upper respiratory tract infections. We wish all our East Coast brothers and sisters […]View Profile >>

Medical Aid East Coast Flood Week 6

Rebuilding is the current priority in the minds of flood victims. Many are doing their utmost to restore their once comfortable home, often putting their own health and minor ailments in the burner. This is also not helped by the absence of healthcare facilities which were damaged during the flood. We strive to fill this […]View Profile >>

Official Opening of Kuantan Management Office

To our dearest friends in Kuantan, we’re now closer to you!!! Thank you for participating in the opening ceremony held on 20th March 2015. We are truly overwhelmed with the kind support from various individuals and organisations in making this event a success. We hereby would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Dato’ Dr […]View Profile >>

Cataract Surgery at Beacon Hospital Malaysia

Cataracts are very common and they are responsible for 51% of global blindness worldwide. It is also the most common surgical procedure in the world whereby in Malaysia, we are contributing more than 60,000 yearly. Cataract is a condition in which the lens of an eye becomes cloudy and gradually affects our vision, and most […]View Profile >>

Public Seminar on Osteoporosis

Thank you to all who took time to attend the public seminar on Osteoporosis held at SJK(C) Kong Ming (Kuantan). The seminar was delivered by Dato Dr Lee Joon Kiong, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon from Beacon Hospital who also provided free consultation to over 30 patients suffering from various bone related conditions. The event was officiated […]View Profile >>

眼瞼下垂(下)眼瞼提肌手術 眼皮內動刀疤痕少

眼睑下垂所带来的影响不容忽视,它不仅导致视线范围受限,间接影响患者的日常生活,患者的容貌外观也会有所变化,不过值得庆幸的是,患者可通过眼睑提肌手术来矫正下垂的眼睑。 眼科专科兼眼部整形外科顾问王振传医生指出, 眼睑提肌手术普遍分为前方进入法(Anterior Approach)、后方进入法(Posterior approach)及额肌瓣悬吊术(Frontali’s Muscle Suspension)。View Profile >>

Elder Abuse: A Subject Many Don’t Want To Talk About

Elder abuse is a growing problem in Malaysia’s fast-ageing society but it is a crime that is grossly under-reported. Just like domestic violence, most view it as a “family matter” that is best dealt within the family. Geriatrician Consultant, Dr Rajbans Singh says that often times, elder abuse occurs unintentionally because their caretakers are not […]View Profile >>

Glaukoma Si Pencuri Penglihatan

Pencuri penglihatan’, itu jolokan yang diberi kepada penyakit glaukoma kerana ‘kehadirannya’ berlaku secara senyap tanpa amaran gejala atau simptom yang ketara. Sebab itu juga, pesakit glaukoma seringkali tidak menyedari menghidap penyakit tersebut sehingga berlaku kerosakan yang lebih teruk pada penglihatan. Perunding Opthalmologi, Oculoplastik, dan Pembedahan Lacrimal, Dr. Ong Chin Tuan berkata, glaukoma adalah sejenis penyakit […]View Profile >>


手腕管道综合症,简称为“腕管综合症”,是长期做同一个动作或过度“劳役”双手而导致的一种手腕疾病。 骨科、手及微外科手术顾问医生郑凯为表示,过往,腕管综合症患者多是长时间重复同一个动作的工厂操作员,但是如今长时间机不离手,无论是智能手机或平板电脑高用量的青少年患者,已经逐渐追上工人,成为高风险群,所以也有人把腕管综合症称为“滑鼠手”。  View Profile >>

睾丸癌偏愛年輕男性 早期動手術 預後良好

睾丸癌(testicularcancer)是指發生在睾丸的癌症,全球共有2%的男性被此癌盯上,而大馬的數據較低,根據2007年國家癌症登記局(NCR),國內只有0.9%的男性患上睾丸癌。 泌尿外科顧問何志光醫生指出,雖然睾丸癌不是常見的男性癌症,但是它好發於15至40歲,這個年齡正值生命全盛期,如果病患羞於求醫或警覺性低,以致腫瘤轉移至另側睾丸或其他器官,那麼病患最終不僅要賠上雙側睾丸,還得面臨轉移癌的威脅。  View Profile >>

Food & Laughter

Thank you for taking part in the “Food & Laughter” event organized by Beacon Hospital’s Cancer Patient Wellness and Support Group on Feb 26, 2016 (Friday). We hope you all enjoyed the event. We are always committed to provide the best support, hope and love to our patients, their family members and caregivers. Stayed tuned […]View Profile >>


At Beacon Hospital, we always strive to give back to the community through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programme. We understand that combating cancer can be a long, tiring and expensive journey for the patients and their respective families. As a part of our CSR effort, Beacon Hospital signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with […]View Profile >>

IJM Fat Loss Competition

Beacon Health Team recently launched a wellness programme, known as the “IJM Fat Loss Competition” aimed to create awareness among corporate employees on the importance of practicing healthy diet and lifestyle. A total number of 30 selected employees from IJM Corporation Berhad are engaged in this programme. We would like to thank all who participated […]View Profile >>

Usia Tua Lebih Berisiko

Glaukoma adalah keadaan di mana tekanan pada bahagian cecair dalam mata secara perlahan-lahan merosakkan saraf optik dan sekiranya tidak diberikan rawatan awal, ia boleh menyebabkan kehilangan penglihatan yang kekal. Pada peringkat global, glaukoma adalah satu daripada tiga punca utama masalah hilang penglihatan dan buta kekal. Menurut Pakar Bedah Perunding Oftalmologi, Okuplastik dan Lakrimal Hospital Beacon, […]View Profile >>

Kolonoskopi Selamatkan Nyawa

Menurut Pakar Gastroenterologi Hospital Beacon, Dr. Shanthi Palaniappan, kesedaran terhadap kanser kolorektal dalam kalangan rakyat Malaysia masih rendah kerana kurang pendedahan kepentingan pemeriksaan awal berbanding kebanyakan jenis kanser lain. Pemeriksaan menerusi kolonoskopi dapat mengesan kehadiran polip dan selalunya kesemua polip yang ditemui akan dibuang ketika prosedur tersebut bagi mengurangkan peratusan berlakunya kanser kolorektal.   View Profile >>

Duduk Lama Bawa Risiko Penyakit

Tahukah anda risiko di sebalik duduk lama di tempat kerja? Pakar Perubatan Keluarga, Ketua Pusat Pemeriksaan Kesihatan, Hospital Beacon, Dr Raja Ahmad Shaharul Raja Abdul Malek berkongsi maklumat mengenai kesan buruk akibat duduk terlalu lama di tempat kerja dari segi kesihatan.   View Profile >>


With the support from the Beacon Group of Companies Management, an inter-company badminton tournament was held on January 30 (Saturday) at Forum 19 Badminton Hall, Petaling Jaya. The main objective of the tournament was to create a platform for social interaction and to strengthen the working relationship amongst the Beacon Group of Companies’ employees. The […]View Profile >>


Kanser buah zakar yang dikategorikan sebagai bukan kanser yang lazim seperti kanser prostat, semakin menunjukkan peningkatan kes disebabkan tiadanya kesedaran terhadap kesihatan lelaki yang jarang diuar-uarkan sebagaimana kanser payudara. “Ada juga dalam kalangan penghidap berasa malu untuk berbincang dengan doktor mengenai masalah alat sulit mereka dan beranggapan tidak elok untuk berkongsi cerita. Walaupun kebarangkalian kanser […]View Profile >>

电脑刀 刀刀除癌

大家都知道,肿瘤治疗是医学上的难题,确诊的早晚和治疗的技术都决定着患者的生存期,而肝癌是死亡率仅次于胃癌,食道癌的第三大常见恶性肿瘤,临床上一般采取西医的手术,放化疗,但如今电脑刀的出现,扭转了肝癌患者的命运,不但复发率低,还得以延长生命。 拿督依布拉欣医生表示,电脑刀是一项突破传统的肝癌治疗方式,在治疗过程中,电脑刀系统锁定肿瘤目标,全程即时监测肿瘤位置,若病人稍有小幅移动,电脑刀会很人性化地自动监测,并修正后调整机械手臂再继续治疗。  View Profile >>


谈性说爱,东方人向来最避忌,癌症幸存后的性爱,更加没有人公开谈论,当心被人唱“你是有这样欲求不满吗?” 癌症幸存后如何重新鱼水之欢,是人人都想知道,却羞于谈论的课题。“或许是太害羞了?也许他们不知道问谁?怎样开口?什么时候该考虑这个问题?”肿瘤科顾问阿祖拉医生指出,性生活其实是帮助乳癌患者复原的重要组成部分和过程之一。  View Profile >>


近年来,医学专家将长期缺乏体力活动、久坐不动,甚至坐姿不良所导致的疾病盛行率和死亡率,统称作“坐病”。 倍光专科医院家庭医学专科顾问兼健康检查中心主管拉惹医生(Dr. Raja Ahmad Shaharul)表示:“我国的文化背景、惯性生活模式,甚至是整个大环 境,都是坐病日益普遍的原因之一。  View Profile >>

Pembawa Genetik Kanser Ovari

KANSER ovari adalah pembunuh wanita secara senyap. Bukan sahaja salah satu kanser reproduktif wanita yang paling berbahaya dan sukar dirawat, ia juga sering lambat dikesan. Menurut Konsultan Perubatan Onkologi Hospital Beacon, Dr. Azura Rozila Ahmad, penemuan pada tahap yang tinggi membuatkan ia sukar dirawati kerana ia telah merebak ke organ lain.   View Profile >>

Penyakit Kanser Testikel Meningkat

Menurut Pertubuhan Kesihatan Sedunia (WHO), sejak beberapa dekad lalu, kanser testikel semakin meningkat dan berlaku dalam kalangan lelaki muda iaitu di peringkat produktif dalam lingkungan usia 15 hingga 40 tahun. Menurut Pakar Perunding Urologi Hospital Beacon, Dr Christopher Ho, kanser testikel terbahagi kepada tiga peringkat iaitu hanya di bahagian buah zakar dan belum merebak, merebak […]View Profile >>


Happy Chinese New Year 2016! The God of Prosperity (Choy Sun Yeh) was around the hospital, giving away angpows and offering happy blessings to everyone!.  View Profile >>


每年有超过2万名女性诊断出子宫颈、阴道和外阴癌,大众真的有必要对人类乳突病毒(HPV)及子宫颈癌有更正确的了解,知道子宫颈癌无关乎性行为。 确实有数据显示不同的性伴侣会导致人类出现乳突病毒的机率有所增长,但固定伴侣也有相同的问题。 倍光医院肿瘤内科顾问阿祖拉医生指出”大众对于子宫、阴道等课题普遍都会产生回避,我们必须用科学、正面的角度来教育人们这不正确的想法,就像人们在30年前对于乳癌的反应非常敏感一样,这也是可以被改变的!”View Profile >>

Too Much Of A Good Thing: The Dangers Of Antioxidant Supplements

Studies now suggest that a person may actually have an increased risk of certain cancers through long-term over supplementation. Dr Tho Lye Mun, a consultant clinical oncologist at Beacon International Specialist Centre, believes that it’s time we started re-thinking the need for supplements. He says there is no evidence to date to show that these […]View Profile >>

Salah Faham Tentang Diet

Apabila menyentuh tentang soal diet, perkara yang terlintas di minda kita hanyalah pil kurus, jamu, dan ikat perut. Disebabkan itu ramai dalam kalangan kita yang dikatakan sedang ‘berdiet’ dimasukkan ke hospital gara-gara mahu menurunkan berat badan. Menurut Perunding Diet dan Nutrisi Hospital Beacon, Gurdip Kaur, ramai yang tersalah anggap jika mahu kurus mereka tidak boleh […]View Profile >>

‘久坐不动可致命 肥胖引发慢性病

2010年,美国流行病学杂志曾收录了美国癌症学会一项极具震撼的研究报告。这项研究于1993年至2006年间,调查了12万3216人(6万9776名女性,5万3440名男性),结果发现,每天坐逾6个小时且不活跃的女性,比常做运动且每天坐少于3个小时者,死亡风险达94%。 家庭医学专科顾问沙哈鲁(Raja Ahmad Shaharul) 医生披露,久坐不动会增高心脏病、高血压、肥胖及死亡的风险,医学界已将长时间的生理不活跃,以及其所引发的并发症统称为久坐疾病(sitting disease)。  View Profile >>

The Ills Of Prolonged Sitting

Prolonged sitting at the work desk and in the car may lead to obesity and a range of unhealthy metabolic syndromes, check out what our family medicine specialist, Dr Raja Ahmad Shaharul says about the ills of prolonged sitting!  View Profile >>

Rawatan kanser tanpa bedah

Apabila memperkatakan mengenai kanser, ramai membayangkan rawatan menyakitkan serta kematian pada pengakhirannya. Ini kerana kebanyakan kanser hanya mampu dikesan pada tahap empat disebabkan pesakit gagal membuat pemeriksaan awal serta ketakutan menerima kenyataan mengenai penyakit yang akan diberitahu kelak. Namun tatkala mendengar penerangan daripada Perunding Klinikal Onkologi Hospital Beacon, Dr Tho Lye Mun mengenai rawatan terkini […]View Profile >>

Medical Mission (Beacon Hospital & Pertubuhan Ibu Tunggal Semarak)

A big thank you to all the residents of Sg Way (PJ) for participating in our medical mission last Sunday. Our doctors had consulted more than 100 adults (mostly single mothers) and 50 children during our free clinic session.  View Profile >>

Easing Cancer Patient’s Burden

Foundation chairman and founder Datuk Dr M. Devanand said Pink Ribbon Wellness Foundation will continue to demonstrate its endeavour in helping breast cancer patients; whether in terms of access to information, emotional support, or in monetary terms. “Breast cancer treatment can quickly become a financial burden. We hope the discount vouchers will provide relief and […]View Profile >>

Beacon CSR Mission (Part 1)

Lead by Dato Dr. Ibrahim, Medical Director of Beacon Hospital and in collaboration with bank Muamalat ; accompanied by doctors and volunteers from Beacon Hospital, has been to various refugee camps recently to provide medical attention to the Rohingya’s.The doctors from Beacon Hospital has examined approximately 500 people and provided free medication for those who […]View Profile >>

Kekeliruan Golongan Antivaksin

Mula berkembangnya golongan antivaksin ini di England disebabkan satu kajian oleh Andrew Wakefiled yang diterbitkan dalam Journal Lancet dalam tahun 1998, mendakwa vaksin menyebabkan autisme.Namun kajian tersebut telah ditarik balik oleh jurnal tersebut kerana bersifat berat sebelah dan tidak berwibawa. Bermula daripada kajian yang tidak berwibawa, komuniti antivaksin ramai yang berpegang teguh dengan pendiriannya dengan […]View Profile >>

Malaysians’ Unhealthy Lifestyle Leads to Diabetes

Diabetes is a big problem in Malaysia, says Dr Raja Ahmad Shaharul Raja Abdul Malek, family medicine specialist at Beacon Hospital in Petaling Jaya. According to statistics by the International Diabetes Federation, there are 3.2 million Malaysians living with diabetes. It is estimated that almost half of those with diabetes are undiagnosed, unaware that they […]View Profile >>

Ramai Terlepas Pandang

Semakin ramai mempunyai pengetahuan mendalam mengenai kanser payu dara, bagaimanapun perkara sama tidak diperkatakan mengenai kanser ovari biarpun ia antara penyakit paling bahaya dan meragut nyawa ramai wanita. Ramai terlepas pandang mengenai kanser ovari apatah lagi ia tidak disedari sehinggalah apabila ia sudah merebak hingga ke bahagian pinggul dan abdomen. Pada tahap yang sudah lewat […]View Profile >>

美滿性生活 助乳癌康復

不少女性得知自己罹患乳癌后,就会忌讳房事,除了治疗造成性致缺缺,更大的原因在于没有了乳房,女性就会觉得自己不再是个完整的女人,这让她们非常介意和配偶裸裎相对。 肿瘤内科顾问阿祖拉(Azura)医生披露,超过50%的乳癌病患被确诊乳癌后,深受房事困扰,有者因为坊间迷思,而拒绝和丈夫行房。她鼓励病患夫妇咨询医生,填补房事缺口,要知道美满的性生活有助于病情康复。  View Profile >>

” Perangkap Maut” Di Kerusi

Tahukah anda, apa yang anda lakukan sekarang dengan duduk seharian boleh membawa maut? Menurut Pakar Perubatan Keluarga dan Ketua Pusat Pemeriksaan Kesihatan dan Kesejahteraan, Pusat Kepakaran Antarabangsa Beacon, Dr. Raja Ahmad Shaharul Raja Abdul Malek, gaya hidup banyak duduk merupakan punca kepada pelbagai penyakit kronik sejak dulu lagi namun trend ini kelihatan semakin meningkat dan […]View Profile >>

Usah Abai Hubungan Intim

Hubungan intim antara pasangan suami isteri bukan sesuatu yang boleh dipandang ringan malah ia amat penting kerana mampu menjaga keharmonian, kerukunan serta kebahagiaan berpanjangan dalam kehidupan berumah tangga. Sedangkan hubungan kelamin antara suami isteri amat penting kerana ia mengukuhkan ikatan dan menunjukkan rasa sayang serta penghargaan, secara tidak langsung mewujudkan suasana positif dan meningkatkan keyakinan […]View Profile >>

Cyberknife Bantu Rawat Pesakit Kanser

Hanya berbaring santai antara dua hingga tiga jam, pesakit yang menghidap kanser atau ketumbuhan boleh pulih sepenuhnya tanpa melalui proses pembedahan yang menyakitkan. Rawatan CyberKnife melalui teknologi Terapi Stereotaktik Radiasi Badan (SBRT), sel-sel barah boleh dimatikan dalam tempoh berkenaan tanpa melakukan pembedahan ke atas pesakit, tanpa sebarang pemotongan, tidak sakit, tidak luka, dan tidak memerlukan […]View Profile >>

Free medical attention to the Rohingya’s

Lead by Dato Dr. Ibrahim, Medical Director of Beacon Hospital; accompanied by doctors, nurses and volunteers from Beacon Hospital, recently provided free medical attention to the Rohingya’s. This will be a continued gesture from Beacon Hospital to the Rohingya’s, as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility.  View Profile >>

Beacon Hospital in Support of the Pink Wig-A-Thon 2015

We are proud to be part of this meaningful event to support breast cancer survivors. Keep fighting! Kudos to the organizer Pink Ribbon Wellness (L) Foundation.  View Profile >>

CSR Event in Miri, Sarawak.

Hello SARAWAK! Our CSR team participated in an event organized by a local NGO, Miri Life Care Society. This is in the light of the RM2 Mil welfare fund that was allocated for cancer treatment, for patients from Sarawak earlier this year. Participants were briefed about the CSR program and how Cyberknife radiosurgery shed a […]View Profile >>

Beacon CSR Mission (Part 2 & 3)

Lead by Dato Dr. Ibrahim, Medical Director of Beacon Hospital and in collaboration with bank Muamalat and MyCare; accompanied by doctors and volunteers from Beacon Hospital, has been to various refugee camps recently to provide medical attention to the Rohingya’s. This will be a continued gesture from Beacon Hospital to the Rohingya’s, as part of […]View Profile >>

Jamuan Raya At Beacon Hospital

In conjunction to Raya celebration, a fun raya gathering at Beacon Hospital’s cafeteria with the management and staff. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.  View Profile >>

Hubungan intim selepas kanser

Konsultan Perubatan Onkologi Hospital Beacon, Dr. Azura Rozila Ahmad berkata, masalah seksual selepas pesakit didiagnos dengan kanser payudara adalah perkara lazim yang sering berlaku tetapi tidak diketengahkan kerana agak janggal untuk diperkatakan. Biasanya selepas diagnosis dilakukan, pesakit akan menumpukan sepenuh perhatian kepada rawatan dan hubungan intim bersama suami tidak menjadi keutamaan bagi pesakit. Apabila perkara […]View Profile >>

Kanker Payudara dan Hubungan Intim

Banyak yang beranggapan hubungan seksual setelah usia 40-an tidak penting terutama bagi kaum wanita yang mengidap atau menjalani pengobatan kanker payudara. Faktanya, hal penting ini kurang disorot karena faktor masyarakat yang masih beranggapan itu adalah tabu dan tidak sesuai dibicarakan ke publik. Konsultan Medis Onkologi Rumah Sakit Beacon, Dokter Azura Rozila Ahmad, mengatakan kurang kesadaran […]View Profile >>

Morning with Qi Gong Sifu & Returning to Healthy Lifestyle After Cancer

Thank you for taking part in the “Morning with Qi Gong Sifu & Returning to Healthy Lifestyle After Cancer” event organized by Beacon Hospital’s Cancer Patient Wellness and Support Group on Jan 29, 2016 (Friday). We hope you all enjoyed the event. We are always committed to provide the best support, hope and love to […]View Profile >>