Beacon Hospital’s Subsidized Cataract Surgery Programme (SCP) 2018

Don’t Delay Cataract Surgery
Showing them the act of love and respect by giving them the gift of better sight

Beacon Hospital Subsidized Cataract Surgery Programme 2018
Cataract is a common eye disease that happens to elderly people yet many of them delay their treatments due to lack of awareness of the symptoms and the severity if left untreated. Besides, financial difficulties is another deterrent factor for them to get treatment. In order to reduce patients’ financial burden and to restore their vision, Beacon Hospital has launched a Subsidized Cataract Surgery Programme to provide cataract surgery to cataract patients.

• Malaysian
• Aged 50 years old and above
• Cataract Patient
• Household income of <RM6,000
• Does not have any insurance/medical card coverage

For more info, please contact +6012 – 322 9392 or +6018 – 572 8331.

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