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Pew! Pew! Pew! Die, Lung Cancer,Die!

The field of cancer treatment, especially that of lung cancer, is rapidly evolving. Nowadays, new advances in techniques and medicines are turning lung cancer diagnoses into something less lethal. Dr. Anand Sachithanandan, a consultant cardiothoracic surgeon and Dr. Tho Lye Mun, our consultant clinical oncologist at Beacon Hospital, discuss the advent of personalized medicine and what it means for the future of lung cancer treatment.

“Persistence” that created a Miracle – Hope for End Stage Lung Cancer

Huang Shi Ping is diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, which the cancer cells have spread to the lymph, bones and neck. The ordinary people might think that stage 4 cancer is an incurable disease and there is no need to go to treatment. They rather save money and spend on travelling to enjoy the last part of their journey. However, Huang Shi Ping insists on taking this anti-cancer career and struggles with the disease regardless.

Lung Cancer Network Malaysia Unites Specialists / Professionals to Declare War on Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is often mistaken as a smoker’s disease, so many non-smokers take it lightly and mistakenly believe that they are not at risk. These wrong concepts about lung cancer need to be corrected to recognize its true severity. The best way to spread this knowledge is by educating the patients, caregivers and medical professionals about lung cancer.

Harapan baru pesakit kanser paru-paru

Koh yang berusia 79 tahun, disahkan menghidap kanser paru-paru tahap empat pada tahun 2017. Namun begitu, Koh menerimanya dengan tenang sambil berusaha mendapatkan rawatan pakar. Dia ingin membuktikan anggapan kanser adalah penamat kehidupan adalah tidak tepat. Dia pernah disahkan menghidap kanser payudara tahap satu pada tahun 2000 namun oleh kerana rawatan awal dilakukan membuatkan sel kanser tidak cepat merebak dan pulih sepenuhnya.