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Having Trouble Clearing Your Throat – Throat Reflux Can Lead to Oesophageal Cancer


Stomach acid invades the oesophagus and causes throat reflux, causing swelling and inflammation of the throat. Once the cells in the oesophagus become diseased, Barrett’s oesophagus can be induced. People with Barrett’s oesophagus have a 10% chance of developing oesophageal cancer, so throat reflux is the cause of oesophageal cancer.

How Genetic Counselling Can Help Cancer Patients In Navigating Concerns


One of the ways in which we can fight this silent killer is through genetic testing and genetic counselling, a process that identifies changes in an individual’s genes. This in turn can predict any medical condition that may have genetic roots. It is usually done on asymptomatic individuals to spot potential risks for some diseases or specific genetic traits.