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Beacon Hospital’s Subsidized Cataract Surgery Programme (SCP) 2018

Don’t Delay Cataract Surgery Showing them the act of love and respect by giving them the gift of better sight Beacon Hospital Subsidized Cataract Surgery Programme 2018 Cataract is a common eye disease that happens to elderly people yet many of them delay their treatments due to lack of awareness of the symptoms and the […]

Beacon Hospital CSR Cataract Programme (CCP) Clarification Notice

There has been a viral-spread of Whatsapp messages mentioning Beacon Hospital Petaling Jaya is giving out free cataract surgery for patients with household income less than RM5K per month and the offer valid until end of August. Beacon Hospital hereby wishes to clarify that this particular programme has ended on June 3, 2017. To receive […]

Congratulations to all Beacon Hospital’s CSR Cataract Programme (CCP) recipients

Thank you for applying Beacon Hospital’s CSR Cataract Programme (CCP). Below are the list of the 50 selected programme recipients: No Name IC No 1 Ang Soon Teng xxxxxx-xx-5341 2 Azimah Bt Alias xxxxxx-xx-6190 3 Chan Ah Tai xxxxxx-xx-5672 4 Chan Chie Hoong xxxxxx-xx-5463 5 Chan Chuan xxxxxx-xx-5173 6 Che Rahmah Bt Ahmad xxxxxx-xx-5006 7 […]