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Official opening of our Kuantan management office, strategically

To our dearest friends in Kuantan, we’re now closer to you!!! Thank you for participating in the opening ceremony held on 20th March 2015. We are truly overwhelmed with the kind support from various individuals and organisations in making this event a success. We hereby would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Dato’ Dr […]

Public Seminar on Osteoporosis

Thank you to all who took time to attend the public seminar on Osteoporosis held at SJK(C) Kong Ming (Kuantan). The seminar was delivered by Dato Dr Lee Joon Kiong, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon from Beacon Hospital who also provided free consultation to over 30 patients suffering from various bone related conditions. The event was officiated […]

眼瞼下垂(下)眼瞼提肌手術 眼皮內動刀疤痕少

眼睑下垂所带来的影响不容忽视,它不仅导致视线范围受限,间接影响患者的日常生活,患者的容貌外观也会有所变化,不过值得庆幸的是,患者可通过眼睑提肌手术来矫正下垂的眼睑。 眼科专科兼眼部整形外科顾问王振传医生指出, 眼睑提肌手术普遍分为前方进入法(Anterior Approach)、后方进入法(Posterior approach)及额肌瓣悬吊术(Frontali’s Muscle Suspension)。

Elder Abuse: A Subject Many Don’t Want To Talk About

Elder abuse is a growing problem in Malaysia’s fast-ageing society but it is a crime that is grossly under-reported. Just like domestic violence, most view it as a “family matter” that is best dealt within the family. Geriatrician Consultant, Dr Rajbans Singh says that often times, elder abuse occurs unintentionally because their caretakers are not […]

Glaukoma Si Pencuri Penglihatan

Pencuri penglihatan’, itu jolokan yang diberi kepada penyakit glaukoma kerana ‘kehadirannya’ berlaku secara senyap tanpa amaran gejala atau simptom yang ketara. Sebab itu juga, pesakit glaukoma seringkali tidak menyedari menghidap penyakit tersebut sehingga berlaku kerosakan yang lebih teruk pada penglihatan. Perunding Opthalmologi, Oculoplastik, dan Pembedahan Lacrimal, Dr. Ong Chin Tuan berkata, glaukoma adalah sejenis penyakit […]


手腕管道综合症,简称为“腕管综合症”,是长期做同一个动作或过度“劳役”双手而导致的一种手腕疾病。 骨科、手及微外科手术顾问医生郑凯为表示,过往,腕管综合症患者多是长时间重复同一个动作的工厂操作员,但是如今长时间机不离手,无论是智能手机或平板电脑高用量的青少年患者,已经逐渐追上工人,成为高风险群,所以也有人把腕管综合症称为“滑鼠手”。  

睾丸癌偏愛年輕男性 早期動手術 預後良好

睾丸癌(testicularcancer)是指發生在睾丸的癌症,全球共有2%的男性被此癌盯上,而大馬的數據較低,根據2007年國家癌症登記局(NCR),國內只有0.9%的男性患上睾丸癌。 泌尿外科顧問何志光醫生指出,雖然睾丸癌不是常見的男性癌症,但是它好發於15至40歲,這個年齡正值生命全盛期,如果病患羞於求醫或警覺性低,以致腫瘤轉移至另側睾丸或其他器官,那麼病患最終不僅要賠上雙側睾丸,還得面臨轉移癌的威脅。  


At Beacon Hospital, we always strive to give back to the community through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programme. We understand that combating cancer can be a long, tiring and expensive journey for the patients and their respective families. As a part of our CSR effort, Beacon Hospital signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with […]