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选择面对 而不追究

“在2013年8月,我接受了射波刀(亦称电脑刀,Cyberknife)治疗,移除那3公分的肿瘤。6个月后再度发现1公分的肿瘤,我决定再用电脑刀治疗,至今身体反应良好,暂时没有癌细胞踪迹。”读一读抗癌勇士杨宏安抗癌的故事。 欲了解更多关于电脑刀治疗,可拨打03-7787 2992 询问  

Beacon Health Screening Programme for Madrasah Muiinul Islam Rohingya Students

In collaboration with MyCARE and IKRAMHealth, Beacon Hospital organised a complimentary health screening programme for 120 pax of Madrasah Muiinul Islam Rohingya students, including their parents and teachers. We would like to thank all the volunteers and medical team who were involved in this programme.

New Consultant On Board – Dr Ling Chie Kai

Beacon Hospital welcomes Dr Ling Chie Kai, internal medicine consultant. If you would like to seek advice on adult diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and respiratory ailments, feel free to call 03 – 7787 2992 or 03 – 7620 7979 to make an appointment with Dr Ling. Click here to view Dr Ling’s profile

Beacon Hospital’s Charity Clinic@Tasik Tambahan, Ampang

It was not a resting weekend for the Beacon Hospital’s Charity Clinic Team. We conducted 2 charity clinics over the weekend at Serdang and Tasik Tambahan, Ampang for the Rohingya refugees and local school kids. Thank you to all the volunteers, medical doctors, dentists, nurses, pharmacists for making the events a success. It would have […]

Beacon Hospital CSR Cataract Programme (CCP) Clarification Notice

There has been a viral-spread of Whatsapp messages mentioning Beacon Hospital Petaling Jaya is giving out free cataract surgery for patients with household income less than RM5K per month and the offer valid until end of August. Beacon Hospital hereby wishes to clarify that this particular programme has ended on June 3, 2017. To receive […]

Beacon Hospital’s charity clinic@Sungai Sekamat, Kajang

Beacon Hospital’s charity clinic is in action. This round we visited Penempatan Rohingya Sungai Sekamat at Kajang. Approximately 100 Rohingya refugees families have been assessed by the medical team. Free medications have been given to the needy patients. This is a joint-venture effort with Bank Muamalat-Lembaga Zakat Selangor and MyCare.