CSR Cataract Programme (CCP)

In addition to treatment for cancer, Beacon Hospital also offers cataract treatment for low income patients, as part of our CSR efforts.

Cataract is a common eye disease in Malaysia. Many patients delay their treatments due to lack of awareness of the symptoms andfinancial difficulties. The cost of cataract surgery in government hospitals are about a few hundred (patients only needs to pay for the cost of the lens) while the cost of cataract surgery in private hospitals are between RM2500 to RM9000. However, not all patients can bear the cost. Since cataract is not a fatal disease and does not cause immediate blindness, patients wait until their visions are seriously affected before seeking for treatment. In order to reduce patients’ financial burden and to restore their vision, Beacon Hospital initiated a CSR Cataract Programme in 2017 to provide free cataract surgery to the underprivileged patients. This programme was fully supported by our ophthalmologists who performed the surgeries for the patients without any charges.

In this regard, 50 cataract patients have been treated under this Programme and Beacon has arranged for sponsorship for these patients to be fitted with the finest lenses. The programme has ended in June 2017. 

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