Free Eye Screening

In our busy everyday lives, where we are increasingly putting a lot of demands on our vision, we often forget to look after our eyes. Regardless of your age and physical condition, it is one of the most significant annual health screening we need to undertake. It is important to have regular eye tests because vision problems can be treated most successfully if they are detected early.

At Beacon Hospital, our eye screening tests include, intraocular pressure test, retinal photography, vision check, and a test for colour blindness. Intraocular pressure test helps to detect glaucoma which is a condition that damages the optic nerve. This is one of the world’s leading causes for blindness and it does not normally give rise to any visual symptoms until it is too late. We use retinal photography to capture images of the inner structures of the retina to help diagnose macular degeneration, diabetic retinal diseases and retinal detachment. At Beacon Eye Centre, we use state of the art optical coherence tomographic cameras and a non-mydriatic retinal camera to obtain these retinal images. There is no need for your pupil to be dilated to obtain these retinal images. In some cases we can also diagnose some types of cataracts from those images.

As part of our Beacon CSR program, we provide free eye screening test, which includes optic nerve check, color blindness testing, glaucoma check, retinal check and vision check, to help you better understand your eye health.

Importance of eye screening

  • Vision problems can be detected through complete eye screening.
  • Detection of eye diseases and its early stages may also result in better treatment and management, as some eye diseases do not produce any symptoms at the early stages.
  • Early signs of serious health problems can also be detected during your eye examinations.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Original voucher must be presented at the clinic registration counter.
  2. One voucher is valid for one patient only.
  3. This voucher is not exchangeable for cash.
  4. This promotion is open to Malaysian citizens and foreigners above 21 years old.
  5. Patients will need to make an appointment for this free eye test.
  6. Customers who have not been consulted by any Eye specialist in Beacon Hospital are eligible for this promotion.
  7. The eye tests will be carried out by our team of experienced Optometrists only.
  8. Beacon Hospital Sdn Bhd reserves all rights to amend the terms & conditions without prior notice.

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