Free Neck Ultrasound Screening

A lump on the neck or neck masses can be large and visible, or they can be very small. Most neck lumps aren’t harmful. Most are also benign, or noncancerous. But a neck lump can also be a sign of a serious condition, such as an infection or a cancerous growth.

A lump in the neck can be hard or soft, tender or non-tender and a benign fatty growth. A lump might also come from tissues and organs within your neck. Where the lump begins plays a significant role in figuring out what it is. Because there are numerous muscles, tissues, and organs close to the neck, there are numerous spots where a neck lumps can begin, including:

  • the trachea
  • the voice box
  • neck muscles
  • salivary glands
  • the lymph nodes
  • the thyroid gland
  • parathyroid glands
  • cervical vertebrae
  • the brachial plexus
  • various arteries and veins
  • recurrent laryngeal nerves
  • nerves of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system

The best way to be certain about your lump isn’t anything to stress over is to visit a specialist and get everything checked out. It is as simple as, if it is delicate, it is less inclined to have a stressing cause. If it is red or delicate, it likely could be an infection and it might require antibiotics. The attention needs to be given to the lumps that in general feel hard, solid or craggy, and have continuously grown over a period of time.

Common causes of neck lump include:

  • ear, sinus and dental infections
  • tonsillitis
  • strep throat
  • bacterial infections of the scalp

There are other possible illnesses that can cause a neck lump:

  • Autoimmune infections, cancer, and other disorders of the thyroid gland.
  • Viruses, such as mumps, can make your salivary organs augmented.
  • Injury or torticollis can cause a lump in your neck muscles.

In Beacon Hospital, we urge you to get screened if you are having any of the following symptoms:

  • Losing weight.
  • Changes in your voice
  • Night sweats.
  • Trouble swallowing.
  • Feeling exhausted or experiencing difficulty breathing.
  • Coughing out blood

Beacon Hospital is now offering Free Neck Ultrasound Screening to increase the awareness on the importance of screening for early detection of cancer / diseases that can endanger your life. Like any illnesses, it’s better to get a diagnosis and treatment as early as possible, particularly if your neck lump ends up being to be caused by something serious.

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Terms and Conditions:

  1. This CSR programme is valid from 1st February 2021 to 30th August 2021.
  2. Customers who have not been consulted by any specialist in Beacon Hospital are eligible for this promotion.
  3. This CSR programme includes a complimentary new patient consultation and neck ultrasound screening.
  4. This CSR programme excludes registration fee, follow-up consultation and other additional tests/medications/procedures.
  5. This CSR programme is valid for self-pay customers only.
  6. Customers are required to make prior appointment for the consultation.
  7. Beacon Hospital reserves all rights to amend the terms & conditions without prior notice.
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