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Beacon Fosters Medical Health Travel Via Visit By Bangladeshi Doctors

By December 20, 2016December 14th, 2022No Comments
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Beacon Hospital hosted a delegation of 22 senior doctors from Bangladesh.This visit was an initiative of Green Delta Insurance Company Limited (GDIC), one of Bangladesh’s leading private non-life insurance companies part of a familiarization tour to better understand Malaysia’s private healthcare sector.

The Bangladesh Government is in the midst of introducing an initiative to provide health insurance to citizens who are living below the poverty line, and Green Delta Insurance is the scheme operator for the project.

Beacon is a private hospital in Malaysia that is committed to improving the health of patients through its service programmes that range from preventive care through to acute surgical and oncological services.

Dato Dr. Ibrahim Wahid, Clinical Oncologist at Beacon briefed the visitors on cancer care whilst Dr Ausuma A. Malik, General & Colorectal Surgeon at Beacon addressed the subject of general surgery support and management,

Not forgetting, since Christmas is just around the corner, we had carolling by children for these doctors.

In line with the Malaysian Ministry of Health’s vision to promote Malaysia as a preferred destination in health travel, Beacon Hospital provides a full range of services to all foreign patients. These include pre-treatment consultation, accommodation and transportation arrangements for a hassle-free stay.

For further details on Beacon’s health travel programme and the familiarization tour, please contact us.

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