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Cataract Surgery at Beacon Hospital Malaysia

By July 13, 2016December 14th, 2022No Comments
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Cataracts are very common and they are responsible for 51% of global blindness worldwide. It is also the most common surgical procedure in the world whereby in Malaysia, we are contributing more than 60,000 yearly.

Cataract is a condition in which the lens of an eye becomes cloudy and gradually affects our vision, and most commonly as a result of ageing process. Apart from that, being a diabetic or a smoker puts you at a higher risk for developing cataracts.

Unfortunately, the only cure for cataract is through surgery whereby removing the cloudy lens and replacing it with a new one.

Rest assured, cataract surgery is one of the safest and most effective surgeries with a success rate of 95 percent. In fact, the entire procedure is done under topical anaesthesia and lasts only 20 minutes as a day care procedure.

Here is another informative guide of cataract with details explained by our Consultant Ophthalmologist, Oculoplastic and Lacrimal Surgeon, Dr Ong Chin Tuan.

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