Video Advisory Service

In today’s world, technology plays an important role in every industry as well as in our personal lives. Out of all of the industries that technology plays a crucial role in, healthcare is one of the most important ones.

Medical technology is a broad field where innovation plays a crucial role in improving and saving countless lives. Areas like biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, information technology, medical devices and equipment have all made significant contributions to improving the health of people all around the world. From “small” innovations like bandages and CPR machine, to more complex technologies like Radiotherapy machines, artificial organs and robotic surgery. Technology has undoubtedly made an incredible impact on healthcare.

Medical technology has evolved from introducing doctors to new equipment to use inside hospitals to connecting patients and doctors thousands of miles away through telecommunications. It is not uncommon in today’s world for patients to hold video conferences with physicians to save time and money normally spent on travelling to another geographic location or send health information instantaneously to any specialist or doctor in the world.

The integration of medical equipment technology and telehealth has also created robotic surgeries, where in some cases, physicians do not even need to be in the operating room with a patient when the surgery is performed. Instead, surgeons can operate out of their “home base”, and patients can have the procedure done in a hospital or clinic close to their hometown, eliminating the hassles and stress of health-related travel.

With the increase in accessibility to basic technological tools, Video Consultation has increasingly become a tool for convenient medical care. The improvement, advancement, and innovation in healthcare has brought technology to the forefront of the push for greater care quality, efficiency, and affordability.

Recognizing the stress of patients, Beacon Hospital will be introducing Video Advisory Service, which will provide you with a one-on-one consultation session via Zoom application, giving you access to our experienced specialist, with just a click of a button.

Methods to join the Video Advisory (using Zoom)

  1. Download the Zoom Cloud Meetings mobile app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store (Please download the Zoom app 1 day before the Video Advisory date)
  2. Click the Join Zoom Meeting Link sent to you via WhatsApp or Email (please click on the invitation link on the exact date and time of the Video Advisory)
  3. Key-in your Display Name (Zoom app will prompt you for your display name)
  4. Click Join Video to join the Video Advisory (Zoom app will prompt you to select audio or video call)

Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer:

  1. The purpose of this form is to obtain your consent to participate in a Video Advisory Service (“Service”) with our specialists via Zoom.
  2. The full Service will be recorded. By submitting the Consent Form, you have given your consent for the recording of the Video Advisory.
  3. Customers are required to make an appointment at least 1-3 working days in advance.
  4. Customers are required to submit a Consent Form online.
  5. The Service is not to be used for emergencies or urgent situations.
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