乳癌是大马最常见的癌症。乳癌的治疗过程很复杂,通常必须针对个别患者而定制疗程。每五名乳癌患者中就有一名被检测对人表皮生长因子受体-2(HER2)呈阳性反应。HER2 是体内的一种蛋白质,可积极促进癌细胞的生长。对于HER2阳性(HER2+)的乳癌患者,除了使用治疗方法,例如手术、化疗及发射治疗,医生通常也会开一种名为曲妥珠单抗(Trastuzumab)的药物,以提高治疗的效果。然而,这种治疗非常昂贵,许多患者都负担不起这个治疗费用。结果,一些患者选择未经过证实的传统治疗方法,这可能会导致不良结果甚至导致到病情复发的可能性。

乳癌标靶疗法福利基金是一项由寶康医院和罗氏马来西亚(Roche Malaysia)发起的企业社会责任(CSR)计划。此计划的目的是为了减轻乳癌患者的经济负担并使得他们能够接受标靶治疗(Trastuzumab)。如果患者成功申请到此乳癌标靶疗法福利基金,乳癌患者能够以医院已补贴的费用获得此治疗。患者每周期仅需支付2,500令吉就可获得曲妥珠单抗药物治疗,这只是原本费用的一小部分。

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I contact the CSR department?

We can be reached at +6011-1090 6588 or via email:

2. How long will it take for my application to be processed?

All applications will be processed within 1 – 2 working days upon submission of complete documents. The decision may be delayed if the supporting documents are not complete. However, instant approval is allowed for special cases.

3. How much financial aid can I get?

The amount of welfare aid approved for each case is different. Various parameters, including treatment affordability, socio-economic status and past medical expenditure, are considered in processing your application, and will be used as the basis to determine how much aid you will be awarded.

4. I am not from Klang Valley and therefore cannot submit the required documents on time. Can I fax/mail/email the documents?

Yes. You may email to or fax to 03 – 7786 0990. Kindly follow up with our CSR officers after faxing/mailing/emailing the documents to ensure that we have received them.

5. Will the personal and financial information submitted together with my CSR application be shared with anyone else without my consent?

No. All information obtained in the CSR application is deemed highly confidential and will not be shared with any parties without your consent.





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