To provide a comprehensive and customer-centric approach to healthcare services, Beacon Hospital has established Centres of Excellence that cater to each and every patient’s needs.

Cancer Specialist Centre

Our Cancer Centre offers a comprehensive oncology treatment programmes via Halcyon™, TrueBeam® and other therapies

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Brain & Spine Centre

Dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of disorders involving the brain, spinal cord, spinal and peripheral nerves, skull and spine.

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Bone & Joint Centre

Provides diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative services for conditions of the muscles, bones, joints and associated structures.

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Women’s Health Centre

Provides a full range of gynaecological services to diagnose women’s health conditions at all stages of life from puberty and menopause.

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Men’s Health & Urology Centre

Takes a comprehensive look at health issues that typically affect men across the different stages of life, such as prostate concerns and more.

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Eye Specialist Centre

We offers services from eye examination and vision evaluation to treatment for glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy and more.

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Health Screening & Wellness Centre

Our Health Screening & Wellness Centre provides a comprehensive range of services, including health screening, chronic disease management, anti-ageing management, weight management as well as nutrition and dietary consultations.

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Clinical Research

Our clinical research activities commenced in 2008 as we adhere to our belief that participation in clinical trials provides the most updated knowledge in treatment therapies and exclusive access to recent, more advanced breakthrough treatments.

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