What Is Genetic Counselling Service?

The use of genetic testing in cancer risk assessment and treatment is on the rise globally, as it is in many other developing nations with the use of new technologies and understanding of genetic data. It is likewise imperative for medical professionals to come together to keep up with the latest information and implication of genetic test results in an oncology setting.

Genetic counselling is a fundamental step in cancer genetic testing to ensure that patients and their family members are well informed about the utility and the outcomes of genetic testing. Genetic counselling is usually undertaken by trained healthcare professionals such as genetic counsellors.


Our Genetic Counselling Service includes:

  • Affordable & Accessible test by accredited U.S. genetics diagnostics laboratory
  • Analysis of Comprehensive Genetic Panels associated with hereditary cancers.
  • By experienced & certified genetic counsellor.

What We Offer?

In effort to increase access to safe and efficient genetic counselling support for Malaysians, our genetic counselling department offers:

  • Risk assessment for the use of germline cancer genetic testing
  • Management of patient’s understanding of test utility, outcomes and impact of test results
  • Multi-disciplinary referrals for further management if necessary
  • Assessment for Family testing

Who Needs Genetic Counselling?

You should consider to seek a genetic counselling if:

  • You have several first-degree relatives (mother, father, sisters, brothers, children) with cancer.
  • Many relatives on one side of your family have had the same type of cancer.
  • A cluster of cancers in your family have been linked to a single gene mutation (such as some types of breasts, ovarian, colorectal, and pancreatic cancers).
  • A family member has more than 1 type of cancer.
  • Family members have had cancer at a younger age than normal for that type of cancer.
  • A family member has a rare cancer, such as breast cancer in a man or retinoblastoma (a type of eye cancer).
  • A physical finding is linked to an inherited cancer (such as having many colon polyps).
  • One or more family members have already had genetic testing that found a mutation.
  • There is a possibility of using genetic profiles to inform on treatment choices.

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