Breast cancer: 1 week-radiotherapy

Conventionally, the standard radiotherapy course for early-stage breast cancer treatment post-surgery takes about 3 weeks to complete. In recent years, researchers have proven in a multi-centre clinical trial that a shortened course of radiation over 1 week works just as well in terms of safety and effectiveness, compared to the conventional standard 3-weeks regimen. This trial, also known as “FAST-Forward” with its shortened course of radiotherapy has since revolutionalised the treatment of early-stage breast cancer in some parts of the world such as the United Kingdom.

At Beacon Hospital, Malaysia, we will be pioneering to offer our breast cancer patients this 1-week radiotherapy programme as part of the array of treatment options.

How does 1 week-radiotherapy work?

Conventionally, the standard of radiotherapy course for post-surgery early-stage breast cancer treatment is at 40 Gy delivered in 15 fractions over 3 weeks. Using the treatment regimen in the Fast-Forward study, this is now replaced with 26 Gy in 5 fractions over 1 week, hence the alternative name 1-week radiotherapy.

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How will this 1-week radiotherapy programme benefit you?

Safe and Effective

Delivering a shorter course of radiotherapy is as SAFE and EFFECTIVE as the current standard of three weeks.

Reduced Cost of Treatment

Lesser radiotherapy treatment fractions means that your total cost of treatment is GREATLY REDUCED, lessening your financial worries.

Convenient due to Lesser Travel Time

By opting for 1 week-radiotherapy treatment, whether you are a local patient or from overseas, your travel time to Beacon Hospital for radiotherapy treatment is SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCED from 3 weeks to just 1 week.

Machines Used for Your Treatment

Not only do we upgrade our treatment plans and services, we pair those plans with the best radiotherapy machines that are out there in the market: Varian Halcyon™ Radiotherapy Machine and TrueBeam® 2.7 Radiotherapy Machine with HyperArc System.


Factors that Your Oncologist will Consider

Type of Cancer

At the moment, we offer 1 week-radiotherapy for women following surgery for early-stage breast cancer with certain pathology criteria*.


Patients aged 50 and above will be given priority to opt for 1 week-radiotherapy*.

Your Oncologist’s advice

The option for you to go for 1 week-radiotherapy is subjected to other clinical criteria and your oncologist’s expert advice.

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