About Beacon Hospital

Beacon Hospital is a medium-sized cancer specialist hospital equipped with 100 beds and more than 80 medical specialists. Our primary focus is to provide advanced medical equipment, specialist doctors and professional nursing care to our patients with love and empathy.

Our success in establishing and managing our first Cancer Excellence Centre has inspired us to develop seven other speciality centres, namely the Brain & Spine, Bone & Joint, Eye, Men’s Health & Urology, Women’s Health, Health Screening & Wellness and Clinical Research centres. These speciality centres are anchored by multidisciplinary medical specialists who have more than 30 years of individual experience, with many recognized as thought leaders in their own right, both nationally and internationally.

Leading Cancer Hospital

Cancer is one of the most common diseases in the world. Almost everyone knows someone who got sick or died from cancer. Cancer could develop at any age but it is much more common with people who are older. This is because our cells can get damaged over time. This damage can build up as we age, and can sometimes lead to cancer. However, with the rapid advancement of science and technology to detect and treat cancer, a greater number of people are outliving the disease.

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Centre of Excellence


Becoming ‘A Good Hospital’ in providing high-quality treatment by having cutting edge technologies for our consultants and medical team to treat patients.


To make a good hospital great in enabling financially challenged patients to equally receive the same high-quality treatment.

Core Value

  • Compassion
  • Community CSR
  • Improve
  • Love
  • Sustainable
  • Teamwork
  • Family
  • Believe in GOD