Giving Back to the Community

In recent years, the cost of healthcare treatment has been rising making them unaffordable for low-income patients. The rising cost may cause some patients to skip or delay their treatment and put them in harm’s way. At Beacon Hospital, we believe that everyone from all walks of life deserves access to not only basic healthcare but also to advance technology available locally that can save their lives.

As part of our mission and values of giving back to the community, the management team of Beacon Hospital initiated the Beacon’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme in 2011 handled by a CSR committee, with the aim to help patients who are financially challenged to have access to treatment. Generally the objective of our CSR programme is to:

  • Create public awareness on cancer and other diseases
  • Emphasise the importance of early detection and encourage patients to seek treatment during early stages of cancer
  • Share the latest technology or medical breakthrough with members of the public
  • Reach out to the patients who need financial aid for treatment

To date, this programme has already channeled more than RM15 million in financial aid to help ease the burden faced by many underprivileged patients.