Menemukan Rumah Sakit Beacon

Pusat Keunggulan

Pusat Spesialis Kanker

Pusat kanker kami menawarkan beragam program perawatan onkologi yang komprehensif, meliputi: bedah radiasi, dan radioterapi tubuh dengan Teknik stereotaktik.

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Pusat kanker kami menawarkan beragam program perawatan onkologi yang komprehensif, meliputi: bedah radiasi, dan radioterapi tubuh dengan Teknik stereotaktik.

Pusat Spesialis Kanker

Pusat kanker kami menawarkan beragam program perawatan onkologi yang komprehensif, meliputi: bedah radiasi, dan radioterapi tubuh dengan Teknik stereotaktik.

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Teknologi Medis & Fasilitas

Akses ke mesin-mesin mutakhir untuk penyaringan dan pengobatan guna mencapai hasil terbaik dilakukan oleh pakar-pakar terkemuka di Malaysia.

Varian Halcyon™ Radiotherapy

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TrueBeam® 2.7 Radiotherapy

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Discovery™️ IQ PET-CT

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Penawaran Khusus

Jelajahi penawaran perawatan kesehatan terbaru di Beacon Hospital Malaysia dan temukan paket terbaru untuk segala hal mulai dari pemeriksaan kesehatan penting hingga paket kesejahteraan.


Telusuri layanan dan inisiatif CSR terbaru di Beacon Hospital Malaysia.


Browse the latest services and CSR initiatives at Beacon Hospital Malaysia.

Testimoni Pasien

Went to Beacon 9 March 2023 for medical check up with 4 friends, we all satisfied with friendly services from all staff, nurses and doctors, especially by digital marketing staff Shantee, patient relations executive Mina Ripin and Dr. Putra. Beacon also provided healthy halal and variation of meals (chicken organic bbq, chicken rice, bihoon, bread and tea coffee). Very recommended


We are very happy with the services at the lotus ward. Compliment to staff mina and esther for making our journey perfect. Keep up the good job and we enjoyed the food as well. ❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎

Betty HantumaGoogle

This is a hospital where human touch is the top priority. I'm very grateful for being a patient at this good hospital. Plus my sincere appreciation to PR staff Ms Joey Chan whom walked thru with my wife and me made the journey extra beautiful. I would say this is the 1st best hospital and staffs are rendering he best care

Frankie ChanGoogle

Perfect journey as full of empathy, kindness and generosity in encouragement provided to gain back my confidence. Beds are done so well and the cleaner's are equally humble and concerned. Highly appreciated and recommendable. I am also glad to have staff Abi whom took the effort t wash my hair and did ask me to call her if to do so again. Impressive quality of all.

Annie NayagamGoogle

Plush leather seats! Arrangement in the best way possible. Does not feel like a hospital. Well aired. Super clean although 8 years opened. Amazing Meehoon and free flow coffee, milo and tea! Super friendly staff. Polite and courteous! Confirm will come back here again!

Lunch and breakfast provided for medical checkups!

Tan Sri DixonGoogle

I love this place. Doesn't seem nor feel like a hospital. For health screenings, they always serve free food..plenty of drinks and so on. Just to make you comfortable. All the nurses, doctors, staff that i've met are very hospitable. I don't feel like I'm being rushed. I also don't get the impressions that those assisting me are tired of doing the same thing again and again with less pay. I.e. bored or burnt out. Everyone seemed genuinely sincere to serve. I did screenings here and even biopsy and through some scares of cancer, they helped calm me down. Really appreciative of everyone in this facility.

Wendy OlaGoogle

For the first step I came in here to do health screening, the process is really smooth. All the staff are so friendly & very kind to help me step by step. Thank you ?

Shahirah RuzlanGoogle

I am so blessed with the doctors, nurses, admin and marketing staff in Beacon. My mother was diagnosed and confirmed to have 'cancer'. The doctors examined her carefully. They shared some idea and willing to discuss for a better solution. Many thanks to Dr Mathi Arasu Muthusamy for his caring and concern as a doctor to my mom. Shout out also to the nurses in Tulip ward for their patience, caring and warm-hearted dedication to the patients, not only just to my mother. Ms Esther, Ms Mina, Ms Jocelyn and other staff which can't be mentioned one by one... you are all so helpful. Though I come from Indonesia, I don't feel like a stranger and get lost especially in Beacon Hospital. God Bless you all.

Dewi OngGoogle

We are from Indonesia. Highly recommended. Very happy with Dr Lum Wan Wei and Dr Ibrahim. Keep up the Good Work.

Ilyas DausGoogle

Actually coming from Indonesia based on colleague recommendation, Mina Ripin & Don Liew Handle us very nicely. the Beacon Services are very well informative. Dr. Dato' Ibrahim are very warming & calming person. They will tell you the truth and give you the best option you can get. I believe my mother will cured as soon as possible. ❤︎

Dana MahendraGoogle

Anugerah Antar Bangsa

Beacon Hospital

Beacon Hospital adalah sebuah Rumah Sakit swasta yang berfokus pada perawatan kanker terlengkap di Malaysia, dilengkapi dengan 100 tempat tidur dan lebih dari 80 pakar medis. Fokus utama kami adalah menyediakan peralatan medis canggih & terkini, dokter pakar & spesialis ternama di bidangnya, dan perawat yang profesional & berdedikasi untuk kepentingan para pasien.

Keberhasilan RS Beacon dalam mendirikan dan mengelola Pusat Keunggulan Kanker kami yang pertama telah menginspirasi pengembangan tujuh pusat spesialis lainnya, yaitu Otak & Tulang Belakang, Tulang & Sendi, Mata, Kesehatan Pria & Urologi, Kesehatan Wanita, Pemeriksaan Kesehatan & Kebugaran, dan pusat Penelitian Klinis. Pusat-pusat keahlian ini didukung oleh pakar medis dari berbagai disiplin yang memiliki pengalaman lebih dari 30 tahun, dengan banyak yang diakui sebagai pelopor dalam bidangnya masing-masing, baik di tingkat nasional maupun internasional.