RM 2 Mil Breast Cancer CSR Chemotherapy Welfare Fund

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer found in Malaysia. Around 5,000 Malaysian women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year, most of them aged between 30 and 60 years, and nearly half of these affected are under 50-years of age.

Chemotherapy is a treatment for breast cancer using anti-cancer (also called cytotoxic) drugs. The aim is to destroy breast cancer cells. Cancer cells grow by dividing in a disorderly and uncontrolled way. Chemotherapy gets in the way of their ability to divide and grow. Different chemotherapy drugs work in different ways and affect the cancer cells at different phases of their growth. This is why a combination of drugs is often used.

The cost of cancer treatment has been rising in recent year making them unaffordable for low-income patients. Some people must work out money issues before they can even start treatment. For other, affording care can become a problem after treatment begins. The rising cost may cause some patients to skip or delay their treatment and put their chance of survival in jeopardy.

In conjunction with breast cancer awareness month in October, Beacon Hospital is now introducing the RM2 Million Chemotherapy Welfare Fund for early stage breast cancer patients. Under normal circumstances, the cost of chemotherapy treatment can reach up to RM4000 – RM6000 per cycle and patients require 4 – 8 cycles of treatment. With our CSR subsidy, patients are required to pay about 10% of the charges. The balance will be subsidised by Beacon Hospital. This CSR programme is intended to subsidise the patient’s chemotherapy treatment for pre-selected chemotherapy protocols only. Upon completion, the follow up is to be done at the patient’s primary hospital/doctor (government hospitals or any other hospital as per the patient’s choice.)

This programme is open for:

  • Early stage of breast cancer patients
  • Breast cancer patients who seek to receive adjuvant chemotherapy
  • Poor or financially challenged patients

To apply for this Chemotherapy Welfare Fund programme, patients can directly enquire at Beacon Hospital or approach any participating NGOs and supporting groups for further information. Interested applicants may apply by seeking advice from our CSR officer via phone call 011-1090 6588 or email to csr@beaconhospital.com.my

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