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Huang Shi Ping (黄仕平) is diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, which the cancer cells have spread to the lymph, bones and neck. The ordinary people might think that stage 4 cancer is an incurable disease and there is no need to go to treatment. They rather save money and spend on travelling to enjoy the last part of their journey. However, Huang Shi Ping insists on taking this anti-cancer career and struggles with the disease regardless.

Dr Tho Lye Mun, a consultant in clinical oncology, had analyzed Huang Shi Ping’s PET-CT scan and pathology report and decided to use immunotherapy and chemotherapy to improve his condition. He takes Huang Shi Ping’s case as an example, it is critical to receive the first-stage treatment at the first place, and the most suitable drugs must be prescribed to the patient as the patient does not have extra time to receive other treatment options. Now 90% of the cancer cells in his body have been successfully eliminated, same goes to the side effects.



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