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What are dietetics and nutrition?

Dietetics and nutrition is a subdiscipline of medicine that advises and supports the best diet and nutritional practices to elevate one’s health. Nutrition is a scientific study that looks into the nutritional values of different foods and how it can affect the human body. On the other hand, dietetics focuses on applying the appropriate nutritional guidelines into daily eating habits to prevent and treat diseases. To strengthen patients’ health or recovery journey, Beacon Hospital’s dietetics and nutrition team have been rigorously helping patients establish good relationships between food and overall health based on science-backed, personalised dietary recommendations and nutritional standards.

Who can benefit from seeing the dietetics and nutrition team?

If you are facing the below ailments or complications, seeing the dietitian may help you understand how you can overcome them through the best practices for eating:
  • Suffering from diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, coeliac disease, digestive disease
  • You need to lose weight for health reasons
  • You need to gain weight through eating the right amount and type of natural foods or additional milk supplements to achieve your requirement
  • You are on tube feeding and need specific guidance according to your nutritional needs
  • Having allergies to certain foods
  • You have done a major surgery and need to improve your diet
  • You or your loved ones have special nutritional concerns or are in need of professional advice on the right diet and nutrition intake
Dietician Nicholas Ooi Jiawei, Beacon hospital, Dietitics Consultant

Mr Nicholas Ooi Jiawei


Bahasa Melayu, English, Hokkien, Mandarin



Ms Hoo Gai Yan


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