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What is ophthalmology?

Ophthalmology is a medical specialty which focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases. Because of medical advances, ophthalmology has been sub-specialised into the following areas:
  1. Vitreoretinal (diseases of the retina and vitreous requiring surgery)
  2. Medical retina (retinal diseases which does not require surgery)
  3. Oculoplastic (eyelids, tear drainage and eye socket)
  4. Glaucoma (diseases affecting the eye pressure and optic nerve)
  5. Paediatric and strabismus (children’s eye diseases including squints)
  6. Uveitis (inflammatory conditions affecting the eye)
  7. Ocular oncology (eye cancers)
  8. Neuro ophthalmology (diseases affecting the nerves in the eye)
  9. Corneal and refractive (diseases affecting the outermost transparent part of the eye)
At At Beacon Hospital, our priority is to give our patients a personalised medical care. Our goal is to screen for eye diseases in patients who are yet to develop visual symptoms; diagnose eye diseases; offers medical and surgical treatments, educate patients on their eye diseases, empower patients to look after their eyes; in a friendly and caring atmosphere. All these are achieved by our team of dedicated staff.

General Ophthalmology Services:

Conditions treated: cataracts, glaucoma, dry eyes, eye infections, allergic eye diseases, pterygium, myopia control
Services: Phacoemulsification, premium multifocal and toric intraocular lenses; pterygium excision with tissue glue

Medical Retina and Vitreo Retinal Services:

Conditions treated: Retinal detachment, epiretinal membrane, macular hole, age related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy
Services: Retinal angiography, Optical coherence tomography, Intravitreal injection of anti VEGF injections, Vitrectomy, Retinal detachment repair

Lacrimal Service:

Conditions treated: Dacryocystitis, blocked nasolacrimal duct, watery eyes
Services: Rigid nasal endoscopy, endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy, lacrimal syringing

Oculoplastic Service:

Conditions treated: Eyelid ptosis, entropion, ectropion, eyelid plastic reconstruction, eye socket reconstruction, blepharospasm
Services: Botox to eyelid, excision of cysts and eyelid lesions (both benign and malignant)

Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery:

Conditions treated: Drooping eyelids, excess upper lid skin, Asian eyelids
Services: Blepharoplasty, Asian blepharoplasty (double eyelid surgery), Eye bag surgery, Botulinum toxin injections

Eye Screening:

Affordable diabetic eye disease and glaucoma screening facilities

Dr Kiew Chit Choa

Consultant Ophthalmologist

Bahasa Melayu, Cantonese, English, Foo Chew, Hokkien, Mandarin



Dr Ong Chin Tuan

Consultant Ophthalmologist, Oculoplastic and Lacrimal Surgeon

Bahasa Melayu, Cantonese, English, Hokkien, Mandarin


Dr Ho Shu Fen

Consultant Ophthalmologist and Oculoplastic Surgeon

Bahasa Melayu, Cantonese, English, Mandarin



Dr Margaret Soo Pui Kuan

Consultant Ophthalmologist

Bahasa Melayu, English


Dr Choo Swee Ying

Consultant Ophthalmologist, Vitreo-Retinal Surgeon

Bahasa Melayu, Cantonese, English, Hokkien, Mandarin


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