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BusinessToday Published March 2021

In order to raise awareness on the importance of early detection and cancer treatment especially during the Covid-19 outbreak, Beacon Hospital has launched the ‘Cancer Won’t Wait’ campaign.

“Earlier detection increases the chances of early treatment initiation to have the best chance of cure which usually means less complicated treatments. Covid-19 is the disease in the modern era that has disrupted cancer services as fears over the virus turned people away from medical visits and treatments,” Beacon Hospital’s Consultant Medical Oncologist, Dr. Azura Rozila Ahmad tells BusinessToday.

Anyone with worrying symptoms should not delay essential and important to bridge the gap between government and private sector and to increase private investments,” she adds on.

Beacon Hospital’s approach to raise awareness on cancer is to provide comprehensive care amid the outbreak as well as optimal cancer care efforts during the Covid-19 outbreak to encourage people to continue their medical visits and follow-ups.

As Covid-19 is a continually evolving situation, our Covid-19 taskforce team will continue to monitor the changing trends and will amend our SOPs accordingly to ensure the highest level of safety to all,” Dr. Azura concludes.

This article was featured in Business Today.



Dr Azura Rozila Ahmad

Consultant Medical Oncologist

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