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Health Matters – 19 October 2023

In the face of rising cancer cases in Malaysia, estimated at 66,000+ new diagnoses annually by 2030, Beacon Hospital, Malaysia’s leading cancer centre, pledges world-class specialised care and affordable treatment for its patients.

With a strong sense of commitment, Beacon Hospital has pledged to provide financial aid to underprivileged patients by enabling access to life-saving cancer treatments. IntraOperative Radiation Therapy (IORT) has been newly introduced specifically for clinically eligible breast cancer patients at a subsidized rate of RM1.

IORT is a highly precise radiation treatment that is administered directly at the site of tumour resection during surgery. By adopting this targeted approach, the aim is to enable timely treatment, enhance overall outcome while minimising collateral damage to healthy tissues. In suitable cases, IORT provides a treatment option with fewer side effects, potentially lowering the risk of recurrences and ensuring a better quality of life for patients, said Datuk Dr Devanand, Consultant Breast Surgeon of Beacon Hospital.

Being a firm believer that quality healthcare should be accessible to patients from all walks of life, especially for breast cancer patient where the total cost of treatment can be a significant burden, hence we are offering the IORT treatment for RM1 only, in line with Beacon Hospital’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) mission to reduce the financial burden and encourage more patients to seek treatment early, explained Mr. Calvin Karthigesu, Director of Patient Relation & CSR.

As the specter of cancer looms larger, Beacon Hospital emerges not just as a medical institution, but as a sanctuary of hope, healing, and community. Here, patients are more than statistics; they are valued individuals, deserving of the finest care and a supporting community that walks alongside them in their journey.

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Dato Dr Devanand Mangharam

Consultant Breast & Endocrine Surgeon

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