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Cognizance – November 2021

When facing the field of Cancer, medicine is constantly changing and improving, and our thinking should also catch up; otherwise, the hope of better recovery will slip further and further away. Even the best medical technologies that would have been able to achieve very good treatment results will be hindered by our restricted thoughts.

With early cancer screening and detection, you will be able to start your fight with cancer on a better foot. Your chance of better treatment success and recovery boils down to whether your cancer is detected EARLY.

【Overview of Cancer in Women in my country

The 2020 Globocan database predicts that by 2040, the incidence of cancer in Malaysia will increase from about 50,000 to nearly 90,000, an increase of up to 80%!

Behind this staggering number, it is even more worrying that the cancer in Malaysian women will continue to increase, threatening women’s health, and the overall risk of breast cancer affecting 1 in 27 people in their lifetime.

In additioncervical cancer is the second most common female cancer among women aged 15 to 44 in Malaysia, and the incidence of ovarian cancer will reach 8 out of every 100,000 women.

Regular health check-ups are no longer a matter of middle-aged or elderly groups. Early screening and diagnosis can prevent and reduce cancer incidence, reduce the burden of cancer care, and improve survival rates.

Dr Azura Ahmad, a local consultant medical oncologist, pointed out that advances in medical science allow oncologists to now better understand the changes in patients’ cancer cells, and administer targeted therapy to prevent cancer cells from continuing to grow and spread.

“Continued advancement of cancer genomics has also played an important role in not only creating a more effective modern therapy, but also opening up a new chapter in personalized medicine to give patients more effective help.”

【Women still face barriers to medical resources】

On its 125th anniversary, Roche Malaysia is launching a series of online health seminars called “Life Talks”, where small groups discuss on various health-related topics regarding diverse, inclusive and personalized medical care.

“Social, economic, geographic and other factors may limit a woman’s access to timely and affordable healthcare.”

“We must be aware of these barriers women face in accessing the screening and treatment they need, especially those in the poorest classes. Also, on the individual side, we must also understand the needs of the health care system and the overall cost of designing all of these, as we develop effective economies, programs, and policies, and recognize the importance of early detection and prevention.”

Colorectal cancer survivor Choo Mei Sze is also a cancer awareness advocate. She shared her cancer-fighting journey with a reminder: “If you’re not sure why your body is changing, consult a health care professional, get diagnosed early if needed, get early treatment, and understand all available treatments, don’t delay. Otherwise, it may be too late.”

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