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What is geriatric medicine? 

Geriatric medicine is a medical discipline in which geriatric doctors, or geriatricians, specialise in meeting the medical needs of the elders. They are dedicated exclusively to diagnosing and treating a wide array of diseases and illnesses that affect ageing adults. As we move through different life stages, our health as well as the form of medical attention and care we require change along with our aging bodies. With our expert team of geriatricians, every need and medical condition of the elderly people will be handled with the utmost care, to afford them the best possible quality of life.

What does our geriatrician do?

  • Help elderly patients when they are in an emergency and require acute medicine, ICU, or high-dependency care
  • Regularly assess and monitor elderly patients’ condition; from geriatric medicine to behavioural problems such as dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer's disease
  • Manage recurrent falls and osteoporosis, stroke, and provide non-cancer palliative care and comprehensive geriatric assessment

Dato’ Dr Rajbans Singh A/L Mukhtiar Singh

Consultant Internal Medicine & Geriatric Medicine

Bahasa Melayu, English, Hindi, Punjabi



Dr Chen Queen Liung

Consultant Geriatrician & Physician

Bahasa Melayu, Cantonese, English


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