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CodeBlue – 3rd March 2022

The first Beacon Oncology Centre has been opened in Klang, and provides chemotherapy care, specialist outpatient services, and health screening services.

BOC has the largest team of cancer specialists in the private health care sector, including 10 oncologists, two hematologists, two palliative specialists, and allied staff with more than 30 years of experience.

Cancer treatment requires different strategies for treatments. Our team of experienced specialists (oncologists, surgeons, radiologists and nurses) at BOC will work with patients to discuss a suitable form of treatment for each patient.

Beacon understands that cancer treatment journeys are not easy, and can be physically, emotionally, and financially challenging.

Sadly, some cancer patients avoid treatment because they cannot afford to pay for it. In light of this, Beacon has initiated the Beacon CSR Welfare Fund to reduce the financial burden of cancer patients.

The forms of financial aid available include Breast Cancer Chemotherapy Welfare Fund, Breast Cancer Targeted Therapy Welfare Fund, Colorectal Cancer Chemotherapy Welfare Fund, and Radiotherapy Welfare Fund.


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