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LINAC Radiotherapy

Radiotherapy (or radiation therapy) is a common and effective form of treatment for cancers, using high-energy radiation to target and kill cancer cells. Sometimes, radiation therapy can be combined with chemotherapy for better treatment outcome.

Beacon Hospital’s Cancer Centre has a LINAC that is capable of carrying out the Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) and Image Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT). These are one of the latest methods of delivering radiotherapy in a very precise manner. It has the advantage of treating cancer with a high dose of radiation while sparing the normal cells or tissues, hence reducing the treatment-related side effects or complications.

Targeted and Customised

The LINAC system allows IMRT and IGRT to be customised to treat tumours of different shapes and in different locations throughout the body.

CT scan, PET/CT scan or MRI are used to precisely image the tumour and important organs so that the treatment is customised to treat only the cancer while the dose radiation to normal cells or tissues can be reduced significantly.

In addition, the system is able to treat tumours located next to sensitive areas of the body, such as the brain or spinal cord, as the advanced IMRT computing software can ensure that the radiotherapy is precisely focused only on the tumour.

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